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The Ancient Paths by Apostle Joshua Selman

The Ancient Paths by Apostle Joshua Selman

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Jeremiah 6:16 KJV, Exodus 25:40 KJV, Exodus 40 KJV, Revelations 11:15 KJV, 1 Kings 18:38-46 KJV

Until realities are established in the realm of the spirit, they cannot have a material manifestation on Earth. So it is God’s order, character, and principles to establish whatever realities in the realm of the spirit

You rule in this realm by the understanding of the operation of the spirit that you know. Isaiah 11:2 KJV.

James 5:14-18 KJV

Do not attempt to do things on the Earth realm that has not first been established in the spiritual realm.

The secret of ease as believers is that we travail until whatever we desire becomes a reality in the realm of the spirit. The proof that it is a reality is that you will see a sign in the Earth’s realm.

To be heavenly-minded means to set our hearts on things above. Genesis 11 KJV.

The secret to an ever-glorious life is to do only what is happening in the heavens.

Everything that happens in this realm is a direct response to the realities that are been crystalized in the spirit.

As believers on Earth, our job is to execute and legislate only that which is already a reality in the spirit realm.

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The spirit realm births anything you see in this realm whether good or bad.

As believers, stand in the place of prayer and travail until realities become crystalized and no demon can stop you.

When a believer has this knowledge, you begin to rule.

When you focus on the things you are seeing, you cannot focus on what God is doing in the realm of the spirit.

The spiritual realm is more superior to the Earth realm, and if you can partner with God and refuse to look at the things that are happening, it does not cause a fortune for this realm to obey the realm of the spirit.

You receive strategies that can only be received in the place of prayer.

The strength of satan in your life is to the degree of ignorance or disobedience to the principles of God. Once their knowledge and obedience, satan becomes helpless.

Jeremiah 29:11 KJV.

There is nothing impossible in this realm until it is impossible in the realm of the spirit.

Once it is settled in the spirit, it must respond in this realm.

Once it is crystallized from the realm of the spirit, nothing and no one can stop it.

Learn to trust the realm of the spirit, it is greater than this realm.

Men call it stupidity, God calls it faith. Hebrews 11:6 KJV.

As believers, we legislate from the realm of the heavens.

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Exodus 14:14-15 KJV.

The signs can not go before you, they follow.

When you crystalize these things in the spirit, I give you a guarantee they will manifest

The fervent and effectual prayer of any righteous man can birth anything in the realm of the spirit and reproduce it here on Earth.



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