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Tanzanian Gospel Music Artist AMBWENE MWASONGWE has released a new gospel sound which he has titled “UNIKUMBUKE”

Listen to this latest sound below and share your thoughts on the songs too.

#REMEMBER MEIt’s already on the air on all platforms, it’s my prayer to God that this song will serve everyone who has ever been touched by prison bonds, whether guilty or slandered. Prison is just a prison that can never be happy, as a servant of God I pray for all those who are imprisoned and those who have been released or to end their imprisonment God of heaven#memember you. Tag everyone you know who has been affected by the prison situation, be it to himself or his brother, relative, co-worker etc. I beg you to abound so that they may receive God’s comfort and healing. God will not forsake us He remembers us all#tuimbe and pray #remember me. Special thanks to God’s servants. The following have made this work possible My dear wife @walterjaqualinemwasongwe you have been very, very helpful, very grateful to me for agreeing to work with me. @devothaanointed you are an instrument of the Lord, you have done back vocal until sometimes I think how God brought us together is not a coincidence but there has been a devine connection and I pray to God that your time will come quickly so that the world will know who you are. @@ chriss_r7 anointed anointing photographer, God has given me you and you have been so good to me my little one, asnate Very very very very very very good pictures. @ spgraphics_1 Thank you for all the graphics God remember you @ibrah_pictures asnate My little one for photos and location @ dr.ipyana you have been so blessed to allow your location to be used to meet and record this testimony. God is using you brother I love your heart @gospoapp Thank you so much for giving your app to work with us. Thank you to all the media that you have been publishing for our broadcasts, all gospel music stakeholders Tz and everyone involved to stand together with this vision


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