How To Claim Your Inheritance by Pastor Phillips Katutu

How To Thrive Seasons of Adversity by Pastor Phillips Katutu

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Joshua 14:6-14 NKJV

The saints of God in Christ have a designated inheritance Which means what you are supposed to have is already allocated to you. God has already allocated every believer a position of share is an inheritance

According to the word of God our inheritance through Jesus Christ has been split into two:

1. Spiritual – Eternity with God

2. Physical – Earth

If it is in the Bible then it is biblical.

What is inheritance in the biblical sense?

1. Inheritance is the transmission or possession of goods not acquired personally but given by a previous possessor. Genesis 14:19-20 NKJV, Matthew 19:29 NKJV 

We don’t gain possession until we claim it.

What is to claim?

A claim is a demand or a request for something considered one’s due. You must consider whatever you are claiming as your due. If you believe it is yours, your demand is valid.

Joshua 14:6-14 NKJV

The size of your allocating determines the size of your warfare

The attitude and character of Caleb reflect how and what a believer to do to in order to claim their inheritance.

If delay is not handled properly it turns into denial.

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Luke 15:29-31 KJV

How did Caleb claim his inheritance?

1. Caleb discovered his dues. Understand the word of God and know that it is yours. Joshua 14:6 NKJV. Claim blessings of responsibility and headship. Understand what belongs to you and go ahead and claim it.
2. Caleb dreamt big. The size of your dream determines your passion. Big dreams inspire. Attempt big things for God. Joshua 14:12 NKJV
3. Caleb defied the odds. There will always be obstruction. Don’t joke with faith. It is your allocation. There is nothing impossible with God. You must be able to see beyond the barriers and you must claim your inheritance. Joshua 14:10 KJV. It is too early for anyone to rule you out, you can be who you want to be.
4. Caleb followed God holy. It takes a great measure and consistency with God for a man and a woman to be blessed and remain true to God. There is a linkage between your connectivity between God and your inheritance. Once you lose your connectivity with God you forfeit your inheritance. Joshua 14:14 KJV

Acts 20:32 KJV


HOW TO CLAIM YOUR INHERITANCE - Phillips Katutu | Senior Pastor | Destiny Life Church


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