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Pride goes before fall

Pride goes before fall

Pride is a dangerous thing in God’s eyes.

When you look at different people who had pride and how they fell from grace to grass, you will understand why it is important to always remain humble no matter where God places you. All glory goes back to God and not to you. I repeat all glory goes back to God and not to you. When you are prideful, even your generation can be affected.

Below are examples of people in the Bible who lost it all due to pride.

1. The story of Saul and Jonathan

King Saul was the first king of Israel and he was a man that followed God until he felt like he didn’t need God again. He stopped obeying God’s instructions and did as he felt like he wanted. An example was when Prophet Samuel took too long to come and sacrifice to the Lord (it took too long according to King Saul’s timing, not God’s timing) and he did the sacrifice himself. Instead of repeating when Prophet Samuel came, he was feeling too proud to repeat and was more focused on what people thought about him and not what God thought about him. 1 Samuel 13 KJV

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Another example is when God told him to go to war and not bring anyone or anything back, he disobeyed God’s instructions and instead tried to help God. He couldn’t see through his pride at that moment. 1 Samuel 15 KJV.

King Saul lost his kingdom at the end and when he tried doing everything in his power to get it back, he died trying and his son Jonathan also lost his life. Both lost their lives while in battle. 1 Samuel 31 KJV

2. The story of Haman and his ten sons

Haman was the second to King Xerxes and he was a very prideful man. Esther 3 KJV. He hated the Jews so much that he was ready to wipe them all out. He allowed his position to cloud his judgment so much that he became very prideful. The Jews prayed to God and he came to their rescue, especially Mordecai who was an enemy of Haman. Mordecai refused to bow down and worship Haman, Haman was ready to not kill only Mordecai but all the Jews. Esther 3:1 KJV. The poll hanging that Haman wanted to use to hang Mordecai was what was used to hang him. Esther 7:10 KJV. Not only did he lose his life, but all his ten sons lost their lives too by hanging all because of the pride of their father. Esther 9:13-14 KJV. He allowed pride to destroy himself and his generation.

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Pride is a dangerous spirit, please don’t allow pride to make you lose everything God has promised for you and cost you your generation too.

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