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Don’t Allow Familiarity to make you lose out on Your Blessings

Don't Allow Familiarity to make you lose out on Your Blessings

Story of Jesus

Isn’t this the son of Joseph and Mary? Matthew 13:53- 56 KJV

The people know the earthly family of Jesus, preventing them from accessing blessings and miracles that could have befallen them through Jesus Christ. That statement isn’t this the son of Joseph and Mary alone just showed us how little they valued Jesus Christ. Instead of focusing on Jesus’ earthly family, they should have focused on his heavenly Father. God Almighty.

Likewise, growing up in a neighborhood of men of God and knowing their background can also hinder you from getting access to blessings because you are taking them for granted.


Having men of God as siblings sometimes, you might take them for granted because you all grew up together in the same house, and you know the ins and out of each other.

For example Moses and his siblings Aaron and Miriam. Yes, they didn’t grow up together and still, it was hard for them to respect him as their leader. At one point the disrespect was so much that God punished both Aaron and Miriam Numbers 12:1-12 KJV and Moses had to plead with God on their behalf to forgive them. Numbers 12:13-16 KJV.

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Jesus’ brothers did not believe in his ministry John 7:5 KJV the only person who believed was Mary his mom. Jesus died and then had to appear to James before James believed. 1 Corinthians 15:7 KJV.


Being married to a man of God, a wife might take it for granted and get surprised when miracles are happening in other people’s lives and not hers. Familiarity with him is making you take him for granted.

An example is David and his wife Michal (Saul’s daughter). You could tell she didn’t respect or honor him with the kind of statement she made towards him because he was dancing for God. 2 Samuel 6:16-20 KJV. Due to her dishonor, she was the only woman in the Bible who died barren. 2 Samuel 6:21-23 KJV

Inner Circle 

You can be close to a man of God and be in his inner circle and still miss out on your blessings due to dishonor

An example is Judas Iscariot even though he was close to Jesus he didn’t know Jesus and did the greatest dishonor ever by selling Jesus. Luke 22:47-48 KJV.

Honor has opened doors for some people that don’t deserve it, they were able to discern with the help of the Holy Spirit to know how to honor men of God in order to get the doors opened for them.

When you honor men that carry the grace and anointing of God, the shift that can happen in your life suddenly will not be able to be explained.

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Do not allow familiarity to make you lose out on your blessings. Just because you are in close proximity does not mean you are the first to get the blessings and grace that come with being close.

Do not be like the people of Nazareth who could have seen the mighty move of God in their city but were too blinded because they knew Jesus’ earthly parents and forget to focus on his heavenly father.

Do not be like Aaron and Miriam who knew Moses as their brother and was difficult for them to see him as their leader because they were too familiar with him.

Honor brings Glory, Dishonor brings rebuke. Choose wisely. 

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