Esther Submitted to Hegai (The Holy Spirit)

Esther Submitted to Hegai (The Holy Spirit)

Some days ago, I and my sister were discussing the story of Esther. The Holy Spirit revealed a different dimension of the Esther story in a way I haven’t seen before.

Esther (Believers), Hegai (The Holy Spirit), The other virgins (nonbelievers), and King Xerxes (Jesus Christ)

An advantage that believers have over unbelievers is the Holy Spirit that dwells inside of us.

Esther surrendered and submitted her total will to Hegai, she had to let go and trust.

What was revealed to me by the Holy Spirit is that Esther here represents believers, Hegai represents the Holy Spirit, King Xerxes represents Jesus Christ (who is our bridegroom) and the other virgins are nonbelievers.

We, as believers, are supposed to submit to the Holy Spirit in all areas of our lives, we do not pick and choose which area the Holy Spirit can come in and take control of.

Esther submitted her will to someone she knew she could trust and connect her to the king. Just like we believers are supposed to submit to the Holy Spirit who can help connect us to Jesus Christ, our bridegroom, who is always waiting for us to come.

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The other virgins tried to use their own wisdom to get connected to the king, and that is one disadvantage nonbelievers have. They think that by their own wisdom, they can get certain things, but in the case of Esther, who represents believers, she knew that she had an advantage over them. Our wisdom can only get us to a certain place, but having the Holy Spirit is the key to accessing all the doors.

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