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The Waiting and Preparation Period (Genesis 7& 8)

The Waiting and Preparation Period (Genesis 7& 8)

When God prepares you it will hurt, you have to go through the process so when you come out you are refined and ready to do his work as he wants you to.

God told Noah what would happen at the end but Noah had not seen it yet and he was to be prepared, just like God tells us it shows us the end and we are been prepared for it. While in the ark God didn’t speak to Noah not one. He went through all the movements and motions in the ark with no word from God, while we are been prepared God might not speak to us. it’s called the silence of God like Apostle Joshua Selman says.. When God is silent he is preparing you, is preparing the place or preparing the vessel he will use to lift you or He’s possibly fighting unseen battles and averting certain dangers that the enemy has already programmed ahead of you… when the rain stopped, Noah had to wait, sometimes we will have to wait for months or even years until when you are prepared then God speaks as he did for Noah in Genesis 9. Like Pastor Robert McCready said your waiting period might probably be one of the most different experiences in your life like it was for Noah but this waiting period will birth the place for your greatest blessings. The waiting period can impact you like the flood impacted Noah but it won’t break you..

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