The Revelation of Jesus (I See Jesus) by Pastor Isaac Oyedepo

Watch the Message 

The state of the head(church) is incomplete without the state of the church which is the body of Jesus Christ. 1 Corinthians 11:29 KJV, Revelation 1:1-11 KJV

God should show us who we are now not in the prophecy.

Romans 12:5 KJV, 2 Corinthians 13:5 KJV

An Authentic Revelation of Jesus

  1. Turn
  2.  Return
  3. Repent
  4. To catch the revelation

Revelation 2:1-7 KJV – The Church of Ephesus

  • Repent and make God your first love

Revelation 2:8-11 KJV – The Church of Smyrna

  • Faithful in tribulation
  • Spiritual wealth but material poverty

2 Corinthians 4:17-18 KJV

  • Reorientation of what the Christian faith is about

Revelation 2:12-16 KJV – The Church of Pergamum

  • The church(believer) has the Language and activity but compromises on the believers and doctrine of scripture Galatians 1:8 KJV
  • The head determines what the body does

Revelation 2:18-22 KJV – The Church of Thyatira

  • Offense of Laxity
  • Following wrong prophets

1 Corinthians 6:9-11 KJV

  • Work for God should not be a substitute for our work for God.

Revelation 3:1-6 KJV – The Church of Sardis

  • The church had works and Intensity without purity
  • They think they are alive but dead
  • Feeding their faith but not their spirit.
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Revelation 3:7-13 KJV – The Church of Philadelphia

  • Patiently endured despite it’s weakness
  • Repent
  • Faithful

Revelation 3:14-18 KJV – The Church of Laodicea

  • Hot in some area but cold in some areas make you lukewarm.
  • It’s time for a generation to realign, return, turn, and focus on God.

Activity is not intimacy

Title is not an entitlement

Without holiness, no one can see the Lord

Don’t repent it, REPENT

Return back to your first love

We must recognize the beauty of repentance.

I See Jesus by Pastor Isaac Oyedepo

I SEE JESUS || HOUSEHOLD OF DAVID || Pastor Isaac Oyedepo


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