The Mandate of Leaders by Apostle Joshua Selman

The Mandate of Leaders || Soar Conference 2023 || Hotr- Enugu-Nigeria || Apostle Joshua Selman

The Mandate of Leaders by Apostle Joshua Selman

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An excelling life is every believer’s heritage in Christ. A life of glory, beauty, color, and excellence.

Deuteronomy 28:1-2 KJV

Faith in one word is obedience and obedience is clarity of understanding. Hebrews 4:2 KJV

The God we serve is a mighty God. God desires that his people show his might, his power, His wisdom, and his excellence. Our lives should be a clear reflection of who God is.

Psalm 82:5-7 KJV

2 Chronicles 15:3 KJV – The secret to territorial decadent

Anything Satan wants to destroy a territory, there are 3 things he withdraws

  1. The knowledge of the one true God
  2. He withdraws leadership (teaching priest) The assignment of the teaching priest is found in Jeremiah 3:15 KJV
  3. He removes laws

John 17:3 KJV

For you to make progress in the spirit, you must understand :

  1. How God designed his kingdom to function. Jeremiah 6:16 KJV
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Leadership is a very important aspect of our lives for many reasons

  1. Without leadership, it is impossible for continuity in any life, any ministry, or any family. Ezekiel 37:4 KJV

What is leadership

  1. deploying the grace and the investment of God upon your life and using it to serve so effectively that your result complies people to grant you a gift called loyalty.
    Followership is a reaction, not a call.
  2. A leader do not go about looking for followers.
    Competence has a presence, it can mandate the people that are meant to look for you.

To influence means to allow men to buy into your ideas without force or cruelty.

From a governing standup, leaders have 3 assignments

  1. To harness and coordinate potentials (the ability to see potential even when they have not become)
    To harness means to see potential
    To harness means to be able to discern
    You are not a leader if you lack discernment.
    Leaders are people of logic rather than vision
    You will own the future and not follow if you know how to harness
    The ability to harness is leadership indeed.
    Build sincerity and then build profit.
  2. To Inspire and to influence and you do by using your result
    Anyone who cannot inspire cannot be a leader Job 32:8 KJV
    Becoming an inspiration demands that you become competent
    Psychologically speaking, there are 6 needs every man craves for:

    1. Need for security
    2. Variety
    3. Significance – to know you matter and to know that you count
    People don’t care what you know until they know that you care
    4. Love and Acceptance
    5. Growth – to become to evolve and become a superior version of yourself
    6. Impact and contribution 
    4 Expressions you should use in life
    1. Please
    2. Thank You, not thanks
    3. I am sorry, not sorry
    4. God Bless You
  3. Visionary leaders build models and systems that guarantee succession and continuity.
    Again is a powerful word.
    Again is a miracle.
    Again means evolve
    You can start again.
    Leadership is a noble responsibility
    At the end of your life, you will be known for only 2 things:
    1. The problems you solved
    2. The problem you created
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The Mandate of Leaders by Apostle Joshua Selman



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