Followers of Them (The Advantage of Models and Patterns by Apostle Joshua Selman

FOLLOWERS OF THEM (The Advantage of Models and Patterns) – Hebrews 6:12

Followers of Them (The Advantage of Models and Patterns by Apostle Joshua Selman

Lift your hands and give Jesus praise. Bless His name for He is The King of kings, The Lord of lords, He is Alpha and Omega.

Pray in the Spirit, pray with understanding.

An ignorant believer will always remain a defeated believer until he/she contends for light.

In God’s Kingdom, we only arise and shine, when our light comes.

I declare, every challenge that brought you here, may something you hear tonight lift you above that challenge, in the name of Jesus Christ!

As a Believer, if you do not contend for light in different areas of your life, there is a limit to which your life may not traverse beyond.

Look beyond the challenges, the times, and the economy.

Let your eyes be on Jesus tonight, knowing that one Word is all it takes to change your life and destiny.

When you come to church, your focus should be God, yourself, and your destiny. The value of an encounter with God is that it ascends from your current place to a glorious destiny.

In the name of Jesus Christ, everything that is dead or dying in your life, by the power that raised Christ from the dead, let it come back to life!

For someone connected here, God is saying; “This battle is not your own. Step back and watch The Mighty God step in for you”.

In the name of Jesus Christ, my God will fight for you and you will hold your peace.

For someone connected here, you have cried, you will not cry again.

In the name of Jesus Christ, weeping, shame, and reproach comes to an end in your life!

For everyone who has the faith to believe, may my God surprise you!

Everyone who has laughed at you and mocked you, may this be the week God puts them to shame!

Everything dead or dying, your health, relationship, finances; by the power that raised Christ from the dead, in the name of Jesus, it jerks back to life now!

I curse unbelief from your heart, in Jesus name!

That ye be not slothful, but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises. Hebrews 6:12 (KJV)

One of the ways we excel in the Kingdom of God is through the advantage of models and patterns bestowed upon us by God.

There are two (2) dimensions to transformation:

1. The principle of followership. (Hebrews 6:12, Isaiah 51:2)

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2. Looking unto Jesus (The law of beholding) Hebrews 12:1-2

When it comes to destiny fulfillment, God’s methods, ways, and strategies are far superior to man’s methods. (Isaiah 55:8-9)

When it comes to your becoming, fulfilling destiny, and transformation, life will always present you with two options:

a. The way of The Lord
b. Your way

Divine patterns forerun the glory of God.

Jeremiah 6:16 KJV, Exodus 25:9;40 KJV, Exodus 40:16;33-34 KJV, Leviticus 9:6 KJV

Every manifestation of the glory of God in the life of an individual, sustainably so, is proof or evidence of their adherence to His divine pattern.

The glory of God is a capture of everything that makes God who He is; the multifaceted nature of God being expressed in a man.
Every time, you see the glory of God revealed in the life of an individual, it is proof that a divine pattern has been kept.

When you find people rise from their lowly estate to a glorious destiny, it is because they have accessed and adhered to divine patterns.

Every time you find a man of stature in life and destiny, among the many patterns that have been kept is the law of followership. (Matthew 4:19)

For as long as you walk in keeping a divine pattern, there will not be a decline in your life.
Followership is one of the mysteries of the kingdom by which men become mighty. (Matthew 4:19, Acts 4:13)
You’re made in life and destiny by who you choose to follow.

Human models inspire hunger and passion in the hearts of those who follow them.
You are made in life and destiny, by who you choose to follow. (Matthew 4:19, Acts 4:13)


A model is an example, a prototype, a template, and a reference.
Models in many regards, can be foundations.

Transformation and Replication are very easy when there are models and references.

Transformation and replication are only as hard as the distance between you and a model. ‘Becoming’ is difficult in the absence of a model.
One of the ways God answers prayers is by introducing people into your life; to demonstrate that everything you see in prophecy, you can become, not by guessing your way around.

Pray: Lord, I am tired of going around in cycles. Now I know that there is an easier way to rise in life and destiny!

To replicate means to reproduce results in men.

To pioneer means to start something new. Pioneering anything, move or dimension is very challenging because largely, you may not have references or enough references.
Pioneering any move of God, any spiritual activity is usually difficult.

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Pioneering is immensely challenging as it often involves walking alone for many years.

Whenever God desires to usher in a new dimension for His people, He selects individuals capable of bringing that potential into the realm of humanity (Isaiah 9:8).

In the name of Jesus Christ, in this season, everything you have seen, God does through men, that is needed for your destiny, may you come into that experience.
By this revelation tonight, may your faith be enlarged!

Two limitations of Pioneering:

1. Pioneering requires humility to keep growing and embrace improvements without resistance when they come.
2. The current move of God often always seems to fight the next move of God.

Most pioneers are emotionally connected to their pain. Every time they see an improvement to what they have done, they fight it.
Models must be secured enough to make room for improvements without feeling inferior.
Technology is proof to us, that God is in motion. The best of everything still has room for improvement.

Every possibility in the spiritual realm opens up a portal on earth, where it is preserved until when needed.
Many times, God withholds such possibilities and experiences from Believers to avoid the creation of negative patterns and errors, in The Body of Christ.

Models are foundations; never fight foundations because of the beauty of the superstructure. (Psalm 11:3)

If as a pioneer, you are still the best version of yourself, at the end of your life, you failed.
The excellence of being a pioneer is that you build people who become improvements to what you pioneered.

The stature of a man in the spirit is beyond the quality of Rhema.
The excellency of being a pioneer is to raise people who become an improvement of what you pioneered. Your followers success and their greatness, is what proves that you did well.

Models remain models by continuing to be students as they model. As long as you maintain a student mindset in the spiritual realm, there are no limits to how far you can rise.

Never be embarrassed or ashamed as a model if you discover yourself in the classroom, in the school of the spirit. Settle down and learn with honor.
Let your dedication and commitment to growth be greater than your ego.

In the name of Jesus Christ, every pride that wants to eat you up and peg your growth, let that pride die this night!

Guiding Principle for Models, References, and Pioneers:

All models must remain students themselves and never have an arrival mentality. The way models remain models is by continuing to be students while being models.

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Humility is an antidote for shame and embarrassment.


1. Profitable followership demands genuine connection and followership. Never follow an individual you cannot truly be committed and loyal to; it is a disservice to yourself.
2. Followership becomes profitable only when the learner or the follower remains a student. (Luke 6:40)
3. Profitable followership must factor in the limitations of the vessels that they follow. Never expect godlike perfection from the people you follow, you will be disappointed.

When God gives you the privilege of access to greatness, beware of familiarity and dishonour. You draw or receive by honour and by genuine connection.
Every time you despise what God is doing in the life of a person, you have closed the door to such possibility in your life.

The goal when you ‘follow’ is that you rise to the position of the model that you’re following or even greater than them.
You justify encounters by the deposits that are demonstrated in your life.
The proof of your encounters is the results evident in your life.

Declare: In the name of Jesus Christ, I remain a student and a learner.

The label you give to a mountain reflects what your eyes perceive and subsequently, what your mind acknowledges.
Every time the student is ready, the teacher shows up.
To an ant, a mold hill is a skyscraper. To humans, it is something you just jump. It means a mound of mold may seem like a towering skyscraper to an ant, yet to humans, it’s just a minor obstacle to overcome.

Never expect God-like perfection from the people you follow.

It is not the limitations of men that destroy them; it is the limitation left unaddressed that destroys them. However, our generation must kill the appetite for godlike perfection in men.
Whatever you can adjust, adjust for your own benefit but follow the models in honour. When you honour those above you, it is not because you are unaware of their limitations.

God does not use men because they are perfect, although He desires that every model must rise (grow) to a point where they become worthy of emulation.

Two (2) Ways God Channels Resources to You:

1. Through the works of your hands
2. Through Relationships

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