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Miracle Service [Open Doors] by Apostle Joshua Selman

Miracle Service [Open Doors] || Impact 2023 || Accra Ghana || Day 6 Evening Session || Apostle Joshua Selman

Miracle Service [Open Doors] by Apostle Joshua Selman
Miracle Service [Open Doors] by Apostle Joshua Selman
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Revelation 3:7-8 KJV

The dynamics of walking in the reality of Open Doors

Genesis 1:1-3 KJV, Genesis 21:1-2 KJV

3 concepts about doors. What are doors?

1. A door is an authorized system for access into rooms (opportunities), access into realms (levels), and access into dimensions. John 14:6 KJV

Doors control motion and doors control movement.

Doors can cause hindrances, doors can mean limitations and doors can mean restrictions.

2. Doors can open and doors can close

doors can be circumstances doors can be human entities and doors can be spirits.

e.g. John 10:7 KJV

3. Almost all doors are closed by default

doors manage or restrict access until permission is granted.

Closed or sealed doors increase the value of a product.

4. Doors protect and preserve

5. Closed doors can be deliberate hindrances to stop your progress.

When you stand in front of a closed door, what you need is discernment.

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You must discern the cause of its closure and the appropriate tool to utilize, in order to get the closed door open.

How to Open Closed Doors: 4 Spiritual Keys to Open Closed Doors:

1. The Use of the Right and Correct Keys
(Matthew 13:11 KJV)
A wrong key does not open a closed door even though it is a key. It takes more than desire for the right door to be opened, it takes the right key (knowledge, understanding, and faith).

You are as strong as the keys that you have and you are as strong as the light that you have. Isaiah 60:1 KJV
The only key to the kingdom is Jesus Christ. but when you are in the kingdom, there are keys of the kingdom. John 14:6 KJV, Proverbs 13:15 KJV, Exodus 3:21 KJV, Psalm 44:3 KJV

It is upon the strength of knowledge that we excel in this kingdom.

When you have light, the way you speak is different – Isaiah 8:20 KJV

Those who have light speak these scriptures – Psalm 107:2 KJV, Job 22:29 KJV, Psalm 27:1 KJV

2. The Force of Prayer. Acts 12:1-10 KJV

The force of prayer has the unique ability to release the power of God over any situation.

Prayerlessness is the highest demonstration of pride. Luke 18:1 KJV, Thessalonians 5:17 KJV, James 5:13 KJV, Mark 11:24 KJV

A prayerless Christian is a powerless Christian.

When we pray according to scripture, it produces tremendous power. James 5:17 KJV, Job 38:12 KJV

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Luke 18:1-8 KJV

When we pray with understanding, we command power even power that opens doors.

Doors can open when men pray. Acts 16:25-26 KJV. All the doors opened

3. The Force of Favor. Genesis 41:14 KJV, Matthew 7:7-8 KJV, Luke 11:5-8 KJV

By Knocking; obtaining help from men through the ministry of mercy and favor. That means the person at the other side must like you enough to open it. To knock requires patience and persistence.

In this world, who hates you doesn’t matter but who likes you matters. Esther 2:17 KJV, Proverbs 16:7 KJV

The Grace Called Favor Sermon by Apostle Joshua Selman

The number one reason why we excel in the cosmos in the world of men is called favor.

Luke 2:52 KJV, Luke 19:31 KJV

When favor is at work in your life, there are three representations of favor: To have favor means:

To give you unusual kindness
To give you unusual access
To give you unusual acceptance

What is on your head is what defines what is around your life. Psalms 23:5 KJV

You are program favor intentionally. Proverbs 13:15 KJV

Many forces control favor:

  1. Value
  2. Relationships
  3. Favor provoking prayers

Favor is a major definer of your possibilities in life and destiny.

You know it is favor when it happens again and again and again. regardless of the circumstances.

The proof of favor:

  1. Wisdom
  2. Value and Productivity
  3. Loyalty of Men – The greatest proof of favor.

2 Kings 3:17 KJV, Psalm 126:1-4 KJV

4. The Force of Prophecy. 

The prophetic has a unique ability to cause doors to be opened.

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A generation that ignores the prophetic will pay the price with their lifetime. If you ignore the prophetic you will never rise.

You can respect yourself but you cannot honor yourself. Honor must be conferred upon you by another.

Prophetic events in the Bible

  1. 2 Kings 6:25-31 KJV, 2 Kings 7:1-2 KJV
  2. 2 Kings 2:23-25 KJV, 2 Kings 6:5-7 KJV
  3. 2 Kings 4:1-7 KJV, 1 Samuel 9:3-18 KJV

3 Signs after encountering the prophetic

  1. Restoration happened. 1 Samuel 9:20 KJV
  2. Honor always happens to you when you encounter the prophetic. 1 Samuel 10:2-4 KJV
  3. Authentic Prophetic Ministry. 1 Samuel 10:6 KJV

Psalm 30:5 KJV

Why are you at the Impact Conference 2023 (open doors)

  1. To celebrate God who opens doors that no man can shut. Revelation 3:8 KJV
  2. To learn the forces that control open doors
  3. To become a firsthand participant, a firsthand beneficiary of these forces in your own life so that you will not go back with a hearsay. You will say “I have tasted and I have seen for myself that God opens doors”

There is nothing more powerful than a personal testimony. “I came and I saw for myself that God opens doors” e.g:

  1. Financial Doors
  2. Spiritual Doors
  3. Career Doors

Doors Can Open

Engaging the forces of victory is what brings victory to the believers.

Time only reveals, time does not change anything.

Obadiah 1:17 KJV, Job 5:19-27 KJV, Psalm 121:6 KJV



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