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The Year Of Open Doors (Final Service Of The Year 2023) by Apostle Joshua Selman

The Year Of Open Doors (Final Service Of The Year 2023) by Apostle Joshua Selman

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Lift up your hands, raising sounds of worship in gratitude for God’s faithfulness, mercy, and goodness.
Lavishly pour your heart in thanksgiving to our Ruler, Maker, and Judge.
Thank Him for His power, wisdom, and abundant grace.
Thank Him for the Year of “Open Doors”; indeed, He opened doors.

The wisdom of God is what distinguishes men in this kingdom: If you access salvation and do not access the wisdom of God, the potential of the God-life will not find expression in your life.

God’s goal for us as Believers is that, through our walk with Him, we ‘behold’ and we ‘become’, until we are living epistles of all that God is.

Breathe upon by Apostle Joshua Selman

”For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.“
‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭2‬:‭10‬ ‭(KJV‬‬)

God predestined and ordained that we walk in good works. Whether this becomes our experience depends on us. However, He has already established it. (Ephesians 2:10)

Our light afflictions have timings and scripture calls it “a moment”, regardless the longevity in time.
Do not look at the pain, limitation, and mockery of ignorant men, as they are temporal and subject to change under a certain condition; God is exclusively responsible for defining the conditions, insisting that everything that He says, come to pass in your life.
(2 Corinthians 4:17-18)

In God’s kingdom, we are formed by the strength of the instructions we receive.
Without instructions, there is no basis for taking action or ascertaining obedience.
When obedience is complete, it gives birth to the manifestation of the glory of God.
Scattered throughout the scriptures, we see that the ones who obeyed instructions are the ones who experienced the miraculous. (Matthew 14:28-29, Leviticus 9:6)

As a student in the school of the spirit, your assignment is to pay attention to and place value on the truth received. Eventually, your life will undoubtedly become a sign and a wonder.
Do not edit the formula of those who have results. Doing so is pride.

The last day of any spiritual feast is reserved for those who are thirsty and ready to receive; God does not come to visit fans, He comes to those who are hungry and thirsty for an encounter.
(John 7:37)

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The ministry of The Word and prayer is mandatory for the spiritual growth of all Believers; There is nowhere in the scriptures, where you are given the liberty to choose either prayer or The Word – one exclusive of the other.

It takes grace and discipline to study the Word of God and remain prayerful. Grace comes from God but discipline is your responsibility. (Romans 8:6)

When Jesus was tempted by the devil, his responses showed there was a healthy synergy between prayer and The Word. All through scriptures, the life of Jesus captures a healthy blend of a rich life of prayer and a rich life of The Word.

It takes grace and discipline to be both prayerful and be a Bible-based Believer; The enabling grace comes from God, whilst the discipline comes from your will, because it is not always convenient to pray and study The Word of God.

If you are not willing to give time to anything valuable, you will not grow. Growth takes time.

Make up your mind to protect both your mind and your body. There is a responsibility component to your longevity. However, there can be death in the pot and you can eat yourself to death, by careless eating.
(Psalm 118:17)

Our ‘becoming’ journey takes a while. Do not die the death of a fool in a bid to feel spiritual, by forcing divine health you haven’t grown into. Don’t be ashamed if you fall sick. Take the responsibility of going to the hospital for proper diagnosis and treatment.
Generally, go for a full medical checkup.

Use Koinonia’s Service break – time to review relationships.
Growth requires setting aside sentiments. Love your destiny enough to edit your relationships, putting away people who are distractions, and fostering quality relationships; Learn what works for your destiny and keep practising it.

Beware of and avoid those who linger in your past and maintain attitudes or actions that no longer align with your present, because your yesterday is different from your today.
Start investing in meaningful relationships that have yielded positive results in your life.

Prioritize those who matter by ascertaining the level of your relationship with them, based on the following levels:
– The outer court
– The inner court
– The most holy place
However, your most holy place should only have God there. Every other thing becomes idolatry when it occupies your holy of holies.

If you cannot contribute value, contribute gratitude. Learn to say ‘thank you’ to those who have contributed positively to your life.
Don’t let the year end without showing gratitude to those who blessed you.
(Proverbs 11:24)

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1. Commit yourself continually to the ministry of The Word and prayer.
(Acts 6:4)
2. Invest the time, energy, and resources into being and staying physically healthy.
(Proverbs 17:22, Psalm 118:17, John 10:10)
3. ⁠Take the time to build quality relationships and reconnect with existing relationships.
(Proverbs 27:17)
4. ⁠Go for an end-of-year retreat.
(James 4:8)
5. Share the love of Jesus with everyone around you.
(1 John 4:9, John 3:16)

A retreat is a moment and time set aside from the noise of the world to be alone with The Lord and commune with Him.

Beyond planning and receiving counsel from God, you need the grace for execution and empowerment. It is during a retreat that you obtain that doing/enabling grace.

Give God time and He will give you direction that can positively alter the course of the next ten years of your life. Carry your burdens to Him and let Him show you the way out.

Two ways we share the love of Jesus:
1. By preaching (1 John 4:9)
2. ⁠By giving (John 3:16)

Every Believer is first a child of God, and then an ambassador of God’s kingdom.
So, don’t allow the year waste without sharing the word of God and the love of Jesus Christ.
Everything we do for Jesus Christ will be rewarded in this life and in the life hereafter.

What to do in a Retreat:
(i). Thanksgiving – Thank God and seek His face.
(ii). Conduct an honest appraisal of your life and destiny for the current year.
(iii). Plan and make Word-compliant resolutions to move your life forward.
(iv). Receive empowerment or a prophetic word for the next season.

Do not let the year end without bringing a soul to Jesus Christ. Truly, the harvest is great, but the laborers are few. (Matthew 9:37-38)
Set aside your ego when preaching the gospel, as it can be ego-stinging. However, count it all joy, knowing that many will be saved for Jesus.

The secret of becoming great in the Kingdom is to touch God’s heart by a sacrifice.
(1 Samuel 1:21, Psalm 50:5)

Sacrifice is one of the four pillars upon which the LOVE of God rests on. The four (4) pillars are:
1. Passion
2. Commitment
3. Pleasure
4. Sacrifice
Of the four pillars listed above, the pillar of sacrifice is the greatest.

Among the many things God does with your sacrifice is to test the genuine proof of your love for Him.
God helps you maintain His rightful position as the highest priority in your life through sacrifice.
Anything you cannot give to God as a sacrifice is an idol, and you have placed that thing above Him.

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Sacrifice is a spiritual principle; it is beyond giving.
(John 15:13, Genesis 27:10)

Sacrifice and giving are some of the ways we conquer idolatry and the plague of materialism. God will always demand from us a sacrifice, to cleanse us of idolatry and materialism.

The practice of sacrifice is beyond passion. Sacrifice has to do with laying down something that costs you. It is impossible to become a lover of God without going through the school of sacrifice.

When God brings you into a realm of supply, there are certain things and distractions that leave your life.
There are certain anointings that will not come into your life, until at the point of sacrifice.

There are sacrifices that you make to God that will keep speaking to generations after you and there are certain immunities that you create in your life, on account of your sacrifice.

There are virtues in the kingdom of God that are not gifts, but you receive them on account of your sacrifice; your seed has a voice, calling and drawing quality men and resources into your life.

Abundance is not about how many things you can afford and accumulate. In the Kingdom of God, true wealth is measured by how much you can give to God’s program and remain unaffected by it.
In essence, what truly matters is how much goes towards the Kingdom.

1 Samuel 2:30b, 1 Kings 18:30-33, Genesis 22:15-18, Numbers 23:19-20

I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, that everyone connected to Koinonia, across the globe and nation, let fire fall upon their sacrifices!

I decree and declare that everyone who sows and gives sacrificially on account of this call, between now and the time of Koinonia’s resumption, what God has done in my life and this ministry, may He do it in your life, in the name of Jesus Christ!

I pray for those in any form of financial situation, that by this sacrifice, rise to a new level of impact in the spirit realm, in the name of Jesus!

Struggling families under curses, I bring them under the name of Jesus Christ, and I call upon The God of Jeshurun, on account of these sacrifices, let the blood of Jesus speak!
For someone connected tonight, you will lay gold as dust.


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