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The Fragrance of God’s blessing by Pastor Dr. Sola Fola-Ade

The fragrance of God’s blessing by Pastor Dr. Sola Fola-Ade

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Genesis 27:25-29 KJV

Be careful of last minute blessing

If you want to be blessed, bless them

What is an aroma?

Smell to perceive discover detect something by its odor or scent

Don’t play with ministers in your family

When something gives a characteristic scent or smell it is known

What is Fragrance?

A sweet or pleasing scent

Angels are attracted to God’s fragrance in the spirit

3 signs of a bad stench – frustrated and forgotten

  1. Men will be unable to help them. Mark 5:25-34 KJV
  2. Men will forget to help you. Men can forget you but God can not forget you. Eccles 9:15 KJV
  3. Men will refuse to help you.

When it is not your time don’t force it

We have divine humility 

Proverbs 16:7 KJV

4 signs of the Fragrance of God’s blessing

  1. The forgotten will be remembered first by heaven John 5:7 KJV
  2. The forgotten will be recognized and recommended. Proverbs 18:22 KJV
  3. God will revisit you. Coming to give you the fulfillment. Genesis 21:1 KJV
  4. You will see Restoration.

Be careful how you treat God when you he gives you what you desire from him.

Do not throw God to the side like you do not need him.

Houston Breakthrough Weekend with Dr Sola Fola-Alade | Liberty Church Global

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