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The Favor of God by Rev. Sam Oye

The Favor of God by Rev. Sam Oye

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The different types of favor

  1. Favor gives you access and access is everything. 
    Where you can’t enter will determine what you can’t have. Access is critical.
    The favor of God begins to open doors and open hearts.
    When doors and hearts are open, hands will be open this is called access.
  2. Favor gives assistance. Favor provokes assistance
  3. Favor changes your association
    There are people you need in your life that only favor can bring into your life.
    Next to God, you need people.
    Favor triggers supernatural association.
  4. Favor brings acceleration.
    Favor brings speed
    Value the favor of God.
  5. Favor gives us the advantage

The season of favor can make you forget that it is coming from God, it can make you begin to think it is coming from you

The church prays for favor but does not teach you about the nature and the purpose of favor.

Favor is mysterious.

The purpose of favor

  1. God gives you favor to prosper you
  2. God gives you favor is to advance his purpose
    God does not have you as the end, he has you as a means
    God had the nation in mind when he blessed you and lifted you
  3. God gives you favor to help his people
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The purpose of money is to create memories in people.
The purpose of power is to raise others up.
The purpose for position is to bring others up.

Help people on your way up.

When you need answers to pray:

  1. You talk to God
  2. You cover the hearts of the men that God will use

After talking to God, secure the hearts of men

One of the skills you must master is mastering how to relate to people.

  1. Value people
  2. Add value to people

Never ignore people based on how they look.

Favor brings assistance from strange places.



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