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The Discipline and Controlling Power of Vision by Dr Myles Munroe

The discipline and controlling power of vision by Dr Myles Munroe

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The discipline of vision

  1. The most powerful force on earth is vision. You can see things that are not on Earth yet
  2. The ability to see the invisible in order to make it possible. It gives you the power to do what people say it’s impossible.
  3. Vision is given to a person but it must be fulfilled by a people. God never gives a vision to a group of people, he gives visions to individuals. There are – private visions and there are – corporate visions given by God. Corporate is given to a person to be fulfilled by a people.
  4. Vision is a critical hope factor.

Vision is from the Greek work optical which means coming into view, sight beyond sight. What your eyes see is limited to what your heart can see.

There are two types of visions

  1. Natural (your eyes gives you)
  2. Heart vision – your spirit can deal with

What is vision?

  1. Vision is usually imported by God
  2. Vision comes from purpose.
  3. Vision that comes from purpose is tied to your destiny.
  4. Vision you invent is not tied to your destiny, it will not fulfill you and it will frustrate you
  5. Vision is a visual reality of your purpose. When you see what you were born to do
  6. Vision is foresight with insight that is based on hindsight
  7. Vision should be out of reach but not never out of sight. All visions from God are very difficult to pursue. They demand his assistance.
  8. Vision is a clear picture that you can literally write down details about
  9. Vision is what keeps you from being depressed

How does vision affect your life

When the purpose is seen, vision is born:

  1. Vision is a glim of one’s purpose
  2. Vision is a visual manifestation of your destiny
  3. Vision is the key to an effective focused life
  4. The source of hope. Something that is inspired by God. Your vision is not ahead of you, it is inside of you. Ephesians 3:20 KJV. What you are carrying is so big, that your brain can not wrap itself around it. Visions come in phases.

The power of vision requires discipline

The controlling power of vision

When you get a vision from God, that vision takes over your life

Use these following lists to order your life by them for the next 10 years (Proverbs 29:18 KJV)

Vision according to Solomon suddenly makes you organize your life.

Vision imprisons you so you can fulfill it

Vision is the source of self-discipline

Leadership is discovering something what dying for

When you discover vision you become narrow. Your life becomes fixed.

Vision makes life simple

The most difficult thing in life is not making decisions is knowing which decisions to take

The most difficult thing in life Is navigating through alternatives

Vision protects you from doing good things

Vision tells you what is right, life gives you what is good.

Life is not about being busy, life is about being effective

How vision disciplines your life?

Dominion – The word used by God on why he made you. To govern, to rule, to live, to master.

If you don’t find your place in mastering, whatever you do kills you

You were born to concentrate and to be a concentration

Whatever you master makes you valuable

Don’t seek success seek to be valuable

Don’t seek to be successful, seek to become valuable

Become known for something and people will pay for it

Whatever you are gifted in, is the key to your process, progress, and prosperity

Your vision makes you master

Vision should be the purpose of your activity

Vision does not compete. When you have a vision no one can compete with you because visions are unique assignments

The assignment creates the action

You don’t do what you have to do you become what you have to do

Whatever your purpose in life is, is what you are

Ephesians 2:10 KJV.

God crafted you for the works, God designed you for the works. So if you don’t do the work, you are malfunctioning.

Why is it only Jesus? Because he is his savior

Humble from the word humility from the word humus means dirt. Being humble means to be earthly, it means to be down to earth. You’ve been yourself.

God hates pretenders.. hypocrites.

A strong vision inspires passion, this passion is what transforms and controls your life

Sight is the ability to see things as they are, vision is the capacity to see things as they could be


If your vision is real, life will prove it to you

Whatever you are called to do, you have to lose it first

The test of life is not to destroy the vision, it is to prove it

You might lose everything to gain everything

Even new phase has to have its own test

The moment you begin press here comes the test to prove that it is real and when you come true, then you have a testimony

If it’s easy, it’s not from God

You come through to encourage other people

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