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Spiritual Birth by Apostle Joshua Selman

Spiritual Birth || Peniel 2023||Anglican Dioceses of Jalingo||Taraba-Nigeria|| Apostle Joshua Selman

Spiritual Birth by Apostle Joshua Selman

The Song Apostle Joshua Selman Sang Ni na kawo Yabo Sarkin Salama

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John 3:1-6 KJV

Jesus went to the root of his desire, he said it is about the issue of birth. The basis for the disparity is that there is a kind of birth that has not happened to you yet.

Verse 6:

You manifest the possibilities of where you are coming from. If you are flesh, you cannot manifest spirit until you have a way of being connected. You are limited by the possibilities that come from your parents

The Bible proposes 2 kinds of birth that everyone who must be a victor and everyone who must manifest divine possibilities and realities must go through must pass through:

Jesus shows us that there are 2 kinds of birth.

  1. The Fleshly birth or the biological or physical or natural birth
  2. The Spiritual Birth – Anyone who passes through that system, there are abilities that will be superimposed upon your natural human frame that you will find yourself manifesting possibilities that are not affordable within the world of men.

Being born has its implications. When you are born, with it comes certain possibilities and certain potentials.

Differences between physical and spiritual births

Physical births

  1. Physical birth is not a function of your will or your choice
  2. One person alone except for the case of Mary under normal circumstances it will take more than the will of one person for physical birth to happen.
  3. It takes at least nine months for that decision to come to fruition under normal health circumstances.
  4. You are only born a baby
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Spiritual births

  1. It happens at the instance of your will. You are not only an active participant, you are the sole participant to make that birth happen.
  2. It happens at the instance. After accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior, according to the authority of scripture, eternal life is imputed into your spirit at that moment.
  3. The kind of life received does not sustain the ability to deplete with time, it is God’s own life.
  4. Spiritually, any age once you are alive is still valid to be born again
  5. There are no miscarriages, it is accurate and precise

John 1:1-12 KJV.

The first power you receive when you come to Jesus is:

  1. The power to become. To become something you were not born with.
    1. To be born again means to be born of God
    2. To be born again means to change paternity
    3. To be born again, every child reflects the DNA that comes from his father

Everyone in his lifetime is allowed to taste of at least one of these 2 births

There is an advantage that can come to you when you choose to be born of the spirit.

Acts 8:5-8 KJV

What you call the gospel is beyond a message of evangelism, What you call the gospel is beyond a proposition to escape hell as important as that is. What you call the gospel is beyond the revelation of the compassion of a loving God. At the back of God’s mind when he proposed Jesus to come and die for us, it was not just to translate us from hell to heaven but to grant us access to something the Bible calls Zoweh life which is a king and quality of life that no man was born with.

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He that cometh from above is above all

John 3:31 KJV

When you want to have dominion over the realm of the spirit have you registered your arrival in the realm of the spirit? that I am of God and I am born of God

What eternal life is? John 17:3 KJV

The Bible has 3 basic layers when you are studying the scripture

  1. The Historic or Archaeological Layer – You can study the Bible as a historic material. You can study the Bible as an account material.
  2. The Doctrinal Layer – The stories, the parables and the events that happen you can piece together. Doctrinal – The body of truth that disciples a student to become like his master
  3. The Prophetic Layer – The Holy Spirit can give you a unique encounter and bring a meaning out of a scripture that does not apply to any other person except you.

To be born again does not add to what already is in you, you will have to be willing to relinquish everything there. You do not add the life of God to all of this that you have gathered.

Eternal life demands that anything that is not the life of God is dethroned until Jesus and his purposes are enthroned above fame, above pedigree. That when you stand, the singular credential will not be my knowledge, will not even be my fasting and my prayer. The singular credential that you stand with as the basis of everything is Jesus.

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Business with God demands total emptiness where you are void of yourself.

Those who are born again are people who died before.

If you want to carry the power Jesus had and host the grace, you become so empty that you become like a mirror that when men look at you they don’t see you and Jesus, they only see Jesus.

Our single assignment is to reveal Jesus to the nations

The way we live is to die to our former selves.

The greatest secret of doing business with God is:

  1. A heart that is broken
  2. A heart that is surrendered
  3. A life that is completely dead

The first assignment of the Holy Spirit is to reduce you until self dies

The secret to an excelling life an indomitable life is to transcend beyond your physical birth the one that you have on your birth certificate it only qualified you to have the second one

Men must get to a point where they accept the substitutionary sacrifice of Jesus

The Gospel of Salvation is the revelation of the Father’s love revealed in and through the substitutionary sacrifice of Jesus, man and creation being the object of that love to the intent that whosoever the Bible says believed on him he should not perish, that blessing is for whosoever

Spiritual Birth by Apostle Joshua Selman



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