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Secrets For Attracting and Maximizing Divine Connection by Rev. Sam Oye

Secrets For Attracting and Maximizing Divine Connection by Rev. Sam Oye

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Mark 1:35-37 KJV

Our month of great grace for divine connections.

You shall be marvelously helped

Life is a series of connections

Next to God, it is important to pray for the right people in your life

You have come as far as relationship permits you

Relationship determines advantages

The race is not for the mighty, the race is not for the swift

Value relationships

When it comes to the advantages of life, relationships determine the outcome

Superior connections determine superior advantages

It is not who is qualified that sits on the throne, it is who is connected

Relationships will speak for you on the days when might and right will not speak.

Don’t take relationships for granted

Life is not fair.

The time has come to fall before God, I count on your mercy and not my ability

Every vision from God will require execution from men.

The lesson you must keep in your mind is that the worst of human beings are the ones sometimes God is going to use to bring to pass the council of your life.

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God can use the worst to bring you the best.

Whenever God wants to change your relationship, he will connect you to an introducer like the butler.

Treat all men well. In their lowest moment be nice to people.

It takes one person to connect you to the person

Examples in the Bible

  1. Between David and Saul, it was one man
  2. Between Joseph and Pharaoh, it was the Butler
  3. Between Esther and King Xerxes, it was the Hegai

The way our God does it overrules the way the world works it

When it is time for our God to do it, it takes only one person.

When God wants to change your status, he connects you to a lifter – one lifter

Life is spiritual, but don’t play games. There are human beings on earth who occupy offices that can change your status with the signature on a paper.

Someone can sign you to the next season of your life

How to attract destiny connectors?

  1.  Rising up in the early morning and praying to God. Pursuing God. The father of spirits.
  2. Keep praying and focusing on God, men will come and seek you

God can not connect you to men until you are connected to him.



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