Prophetic Charge by Apostle Joshua Selman

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Prophetic Charge by Apostle Joshua Selman

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Isaiah 43:18-19 KJV

3 Things the prophet is saying:

  •  Remember he not the former things 

Time is 3 different dimensions

  • Past, Present, and Future
  • Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

God designed it this way so that today and tomorrow can correct the mistakes of yesterday

Over-dwelling in the past whether positively or negatively can hinder one’s life. It is cancer to progress cancer to the advancement

When you dwell on the negative past it is able to create discouragement and fear and it will even deflate your passion

When you dwell on the past, something it can do to you is 

  • Plant fear of the future and today
  • It sustains the ability to bring discouragement
  • It can deflate your passion

The Past always seeks to reveal itself in your pain. So it is your responsibility to remember not according to Isaiah 43:18 KJV

The positive past can also create complacency can create pride and overconfidence and it can even create indiscipline.

Philippians 3:13-14 KJV

The applause of men and their discouragement can affect you all the same.

3 Things the prophet is saying:

  • Behold (be sensitive, seen, conceiving) – You will not understand and benefit from what I’m about to say when you are distracted.
  • I will do a new thing. It is important to know where God is moving because where God is moving is where his power is moving. Where God is moving is where his anointing is moving. It is a dangerous thing to know where God was and not know what he is doing.
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What is the implication of this statement, when God says I will do a new thing that means there is a performance about to happen which means there is a wave of the spirit which means there is something in the mind of the spirit per season and per time. Sometimes it is an unfamiliar performance.

Experiencing a new dimension of God, experiencing a new dimension of the love of God, experiencing a new page, a new life in life and destiny.

Experiencing the new, demands:

  •  Discernment and Flexibility – an unfamiliar performance and unfamiliar pathway where you are going to be following. Luke 1:26-38 KJV. The most important thing for the believer is to discern. What is God doing now how is he moving now? Psalms 23, Hebrews 1:1-2 KJV, John 5:1-9 KJV, Mark 16:15 KJV. Just because God is not moving the way he moved ten years ago does not mean he is not the one moving.
  • Obedience. Be willing to receive instructions and to honor them especially. Prophetic instructions. The prophetic always heralds the new season. There is timing to the move of God, you can abort the move of God through complacency and delay to act. Any time a new season befalls you a prophetic instruction will come there is always something that he demands to be done to bring you into the new. Be willing to receive prophetic instructions. You will never enter the new that God is doing if you do not know how to discern to receive and to honor prophetic instructions. You will never see more of God more of his hand more of his grace when you are not prepared to receive prophetic instructions and to act on it. John 2:5-10 KJV, Luke 5:4-6 KJV. You don’t choose how God moves in your life he is Lord all by himself your assignment is to submit to the method that he decides to use as far as his wisdom is concerned.
  • Acts 12:1-15 KJV. You must have the discernment to know how answers come. Most believers do not expect answers to what they pray for because when the answers come we reject it. Those who make progress and those who scale heights from one level of grace to another. You must learn how to believe God. You must learn how to believe him even when you do not understand him. You have to learn to trust him even when you do not understand him. You have to learn to trust him even when you do not understand him. If you want to see God move like you have never seen you will have to do something you have never done. You have to get to the place where you have to take blind faith Lord, I depend upon you I may not see wind I may not see rain yet I know that my valley shall be filled with water.
    Calculating everything and crying for guarantees is why we are not able to scale heights and to do new things
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When Jesus becomes your inheritance that no matter what you do not have this one thing gives you a guarantee that he is my inheritance and he is the basis for every other thing that will come to my life.

If you desire to see the new in your life, particularly in your spiritual life.

It is important to keep the modus operandi that God has given us but we must have the flexibility to know God is always in motion. It is dangerous to be where God was and not where he is.

Excessive rigidity is the key to depression and it brings it makes people obsolete the flexibility to adopt. The basis for their advancement is flexibility and the ability to be able to adjust.

Your knowledge must always be transitory. 1 Corinthians 8:2 KJV. There is always something new to know there is always something new to do.




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