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Learn How To Pray The Right Way by Dr Myles Munroe

Learn How To Pray The Right Way by Dr Myles Munroe

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How valuable is prayer? how important is prayer?

  1. Everything God is and has is available to mankind through prayer
    If you want access to what God has which he wants us to have is through prayer
  2. Prayer is not just talking to God, there’s a way to do prayer
  3. Without God, man cannot, and without man, God will not
  4. Prayer is a corporate activity between heaven and earth and man is God’s strategy for prayer.
    More work is done by prayer than work itself therefore prayer is the key
  5. When you are a man or a woman of prayer, God reveals things to you

How to understand prayer

  1. The legal authority on earth is in the hands of humans which means anything that happens on earth that doesn’t happen through a human is illegal.
  2. God will never violate his laws that he created and he will never break his word.
  3. Nothing will happen on earth without mankind
    God doesn’t redeem you because he is sorry for you, he redeems you because he needs you.
  4. God cannot interfere on Earth without the cooperation of a human.
  5. Man holds the power of license on Earth. Psalm 115:15 KJV, Mark 11:24 KJV, Matthew 16:19 KJV.
    Bind to stop or lock up to lose means to allow or open
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Prayer is not a religious activity, prayer is a governmental activity
Prayer is basically a political act

What is prayer?

  1. Prayer is earthly license for heavenly interference
  2. Prayer is mankind giving God permission to interfere in earth’s affairs
  3. Prayer is heaven’s power impacting Earth through man’s earthly authority
  4. Prayer is mankind giving heaven authority to perform God’s word on Earth
  5. Prayer is taking God’s words to him and then telling him you can do it through my authority you gave me
  6. Prayer is not telling God what is wrong, prayer is telling him what he promised to fix what is wrong.
    Never pray what you see, pray what you desire.
  7. Matthew 16:19 KJV

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