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Growth and Stability: Foundational Truths by Apostle Joshua Selman

Growth and Stability: Foundational Truths || Igogc 2023 Day 3 – Morning || Open-Doors || Ingathering Global ||Asaba-Nigeria || Apostle Joshua Selman

Growth and Stability: Foundational Truths by Apostle Joshua Selman

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Apostolic Model for Growth and Stability by Apostle Joshua Selman Part 1

Song: Rest On Me by David Dam

2 Samuel 23:8-39 KJV.

The way God trains us in the kingdom is by light (capacity to see and capacity to understand)

1 Timothy 2:1-4 KJV

Apostle Paul reveals two desires in the heart of God:

  1. That men be saved
  2. That men come unto the knowledge of the truth. Ephesians 4:11-13 KJV

My Prophetic destiny in Christ is that you become a manifestation of the glory of God. Ephesians 2:10 KJV, Ephesians 3:10 KJV

It is not everything spiritual that we have been mandated to learn.

Man lives by both food and the word (Knowledge and Light) Matthew 4:4 KJV.

When discussing prophetic teachings, there are three major layers in the study of Scripture:

1. Archaeological/Historical layer.
2. Doctrinal layer, which involves spiritual synergy and doesn’t demand creativity.
3. The Prophetic layer of Scripture.

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Theologically speaking, for anything to be called a doctrine, the body of truth in question must pass the following litmus tests:

1. It must be found in the Old Testament.
2. It must be captured in the life of Jesus.
3. It must also be evident and practiced in the lives of the early Apostles.

Errors in the Body of Christ God is solving

  1. The first error in the body of Christ is called the error of Apostasies – A deviation from the precepts of God.
  2. The second error in the body of Christ is called the error of Imbalance – exaggerating the truth.
  3. The third error in the body of Christ is called the error of Indifference (selfishness) – focusing on yourself and not the larger body. Esther 4:14 KJV

6 fundamental body of knowledge that every believer needs to have and needs to know:

  1. You must God the Father and you must know Jesus the Son (The knowledge of God). Proverbs 9:10 KJV.
    You do not yet have understanding until you know God. John 17:3 KJV
  2. You must know who you are in Christ. Who must know who you have become today in light of Christ.
    Having an encounter with Christ. John 3:2 KJV.
    You become another kind of species. Judges 7 KJV.
    It matters what you believe about yourself. Knowing Christ is where your healing comes from.
  3. You must know your place in destiny and in God’s prophetic program. Hebrews 10:7 KJV.
    Your immunity is in your assignment.
  4.  You must understand how God operates (The ways of God). The mysteries of the kingdom. His modus operandi. Matthew 13:11 KJV, Exodus 33:13 KJV, Exodus 33:18 KJV. God’s way is what leads to his glory. Leviticus 9:6 KJV. God’s pattern is a Predefined methodology.
    Excelling in this kingdom is based on knowledge of what to do. Psalm 82:5-7 KJV, John 2:1-5 KJV.
    Patterns fore-run the glory of God. No matter what you lose, don’t lose the pattern. Luke 17:37 KJV. Learn what it takes to excel.
    When you understand the ways of God, your life will become a living wonder.
    The ways of God turn any man into a miracle.
    Every time you find the pattern you have found the secret to the glory.
    Do not let what you know stop you from knowing what you need to know. 1 Corinthians 8:2 KJV.
  5. You must know your adversary the devil. 1 Peter 5:8-9 KJV, Galatians 3:1 KJV, John 10:10 KJV, 2 Corinthians 10:4 KJV3 types of temptations that will come to a believer:
    1. Temptation of individualism. Matthew 4:3 KJV
    2. Temptation of your spirituality. Spiritual champions. Matthew 4:5-6 KJV
    3. Temptation of
    Mountain (Spheres of influence) – Matthew 4:8-9 KJV. Jesus Answered – Matthew 4:10 KJV.
    Your greatest confession of your loyalty for God is not just in your service, it is in your worship.
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Secrets to bearing fruits in the kingdom:

  1. A systemic prayer life. The discipline of a systemic prayer life. 1 Thessalonians 5;17 KJV, Luke 18;1 KJV, Mark 11:24 KJV, James 5:13 KJV. If you are not praying by the scripture, you are praying amiss. James 5:16 KJV
  2.  You just build your life on the word of God and live by the word of God. Matthew 4:4 KJV.
    3 ways to grow in the word
    1. By study. Read the Bible and study the Bible.
    2. Listen to scripture.
    3. Speak scripture. Isaiah 8:20 KJV

  3. Contend for spiritual empowerment. If you are not empowered you will not bear fruits.

    2 ways to bearing fruits

    1. When we love another
    2. That you bear fruits.

Pray every day, pray always. Luke 9:29 KJV

Submit yourself to the ministry of the word. Acts 6:4 KJV

Growth and Stability: Foundational Truths by Apostle Joshua Selman



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