Empowerment For Service by Apostle Joshua Selman

Empowerment For Service || FGBMFI || 2023 World Convention || Accra-Ghana

Empowerment For Service by Apostle Joshua Selman

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Acts 1:8 KJV

A witness is a validator of a claim. The assignment of the witness is to prove the truthfulness of a statement or a claim.

Matthew 10:1; 7-8  KJV

A believer’s mandate is to be a mandate.

Believers are classified based on 2 folds:

  1. Our Identity with Christ. Joint heirs with Christ, heirs of God. John 15 KJV
  2. Our Function. Light, Salt, Kings, Priests, Ambassadors.

The goal of a witness as far as it is concerned is in and through your life, in and through your career, in and through your efficiency of your witness, many will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ and that his glory will be revealed in the earth. John 1:6-7 KJV.

At the back of every activity of a believer on Earth, regardless of the activity, is the revelation of Jesus and the glorification of the same. Anything outside of that circumference is a waste of time from an eternal perspective.

Everything a believer has, everything a believer does, everything a believer is, is tailored towards one single goal, the revelation of Jesus. John 15:8;16 KJV, Ephesians 2:10 KJV.

Everyone has a prophetic destiny in Christ, your assignment is to walk in partnership with the Holy Spirit to discover your place, the geography of your witness, and to work in it effectively.

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Ephesians 3:10 KJV, Galatians 1:24 KJV

The wisdom that cometh from above. Luke 21:15 KJV, John 3:31 KJV

Ephesians 4:14 KJV. There is no true witness that does not have an evidence.

People in the Bible who had spiritual empowerment

  • Daniel – There was no one able to replace him and he reigned for 4 Kings.
  • Joseph – He was the only one able to interpret Pharaoh’s dream.

Having the Holy Spirit in your name should translate to:

  • Wisdom
  • Power
  • Grace to Favor

Mark 16:20 KJV, Luke 1:27-38 KJV

Luke 1:35 KJV. There is an advantage that has been given to the children of men beyond science, there is an advantage that has been given to the sons of God – The Holy Ghost.

Genesis 1:1-2 KJV. The Holy Spirit is the life-giving factor, power in the heavens resides within the office of the Holy Spirit. Luke 24:49 KJV, Isaiah 32:15 KJV.

Acts 2:1-3 KJV. When it has to do with the Holy Ghost, everyone can be a beneficiary of his person and his ministry. It is everyone’s inheritance in Christ. Acts 2:37-47 KJV. 

3 Keys to Experiencing the Spirit and Experiencing His Empowerment:

  1. Hunger. Hunger is currency in the spirit. Matthew 5:6 KJV. Hunger is a gift. You do not experience the fullness of the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the presence of laxity and carelessness. Hunger that is derived from the revelation that without the Holy Spirit, there is not much that you can do.
  2. Obedience. When it has to do with the business of the kingdom and the business of the Holy Spirit, you need obedience. Obedience to respond to the impulses of the spirit, obedience to respond to prophetic instructions if and when they come. Acts 3:1-8 KJV. Obedience also connects to your expectation. Luke 1:41 KJV. You can know that you have been empowered by the spirit. Hebrews 13:8 KJV.
  3. Motive. Your motive vetos your prayer vetos your fasting and vetos whatever spiritual activity you are involved. John 16:12-14 KJV, John 17:1 KJV. The only way you are lifted is when Jesus is lifted. John 3:30 KJV.
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Everything given to a believer is not an achievement, it is a trust. Matthew 25:15-30 KJV, Jeremiah 9:24 KJV, Deuteronomy 8:13-20 KJV.

Don’t forget the Lord in the midst of plenty.

2 Timothy 1:12 KJV.

If the God of the Bible is empowering you, you must be empty of self.

Ephesians 3:20-21 KJV Mark 11:24 KJV, James 4:3 KJV, Philippians 4:6 KJV.



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