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Home » Gospel Music » Dunsin Oyekan – UNDIGNIFIED (Excuse Me)

Dunsin Oyekan – UNDIGNIFIED (Excuse Me)

Dunsin Oyekan - UNDIGNIFIED (Excuse Me)

UNDIGNIFIED (Excuse Me) mp3 download by Dunsin Oyekan

Nigerian Gospel Music Minister Dunsin Oyekan is out with a new single titled “UNDIGNIFIED (Excuse Me)”

Notable Lyrics:

🎶I wanna testify🎶

🎶Many battles 🎶
🎶Many Struggles🎶
🎶But God has been there for me🎶

🎶Fighting for me🎶
🎶Winning for me🎶
🎶He has never lost a fight🎶

🎶The numbers of my scars🎶
🎶Are the numbers of my victories🎶
🎶That’s why my praise🎶
🎶Can never be the same as yours🎶

🎶Excuse me🎶
🎶If I get undignified🎶
🎶You don’t know🎶
🎶Like I know what he has done 🎶
🎶For me🎶

🎶I will sing🎶
🎶I will shout🎶
🎶I will dance🎶
🎶I will let them know🎶

🎶I will let them know (repeat)🎶

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