Words of Inspiration by Apostle Joshua Selman

Words of Inspiration by Apostle Joshua Selman

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Acts 20:32

The Word of God does many things, among them is too:

  1. Build you up
  2. Award you an inheritance

God wants us to be a people of stature in The Spirit.

2 Kings 4

Cultivate a healthy respect for people who have results.

Results are prove that principles have been kept. Consistent results are prove that mastery has been gained.

Respect greatness.

Isaiah 37:31

When begins to build a man, he builds him from the inside.

Beware when God announces favor on you because it always doesn’t look like it.

You must learn to interpret the happens of your life from the lens of The Spirit.

Not everything that looks negative is demonic, we need to be men of The Spirit to discern.

The path to favor and the path to greatest is seldom done in a way that is called  The Hidden Wisdom of God

When God is silent he is saying something.

Pass through what you are passing through, though it might not make sense but it is still called Favor.

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