What Seekest Thou? with Apostle Joshua Selman

What Seekest Thou? with Apostle Joshua Selman

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Ecclesiastes 12:1-14 (KJV), Proverbs 30:14-16 (KJV)

There is a tragedy greater than failure: ‘Success without fulfillment.
Success without fulfillment is a tragedy worse than failure. Genesis 37:15 (KJV)

Understanding the subject of fulfillment is one of the pillars of living an effective life on earth.

What is Fulfillment?
Fulfillment is the satisfaction and the joy that is derived from knowing that you have lived your life effectively, serving the purposes of God, and being a blessing to humanity.

There are six (6) fundamental human cravings:

1). The Need for Security (physically and emotionally).
Men will give up anything to feel secure.
2). The Need for Variety or Dynamism.
People hate indefinite boredom, hence they crave for variety.
3). The Need for Significance.
The concepts of respect, honor, and acknowledgment came from a need for significance.
4). The Need to be Loved and Accepted.
This is why many people join cult groups because they want to feel accepted
5). The Need for Growth and Increase. (Luke 2:49-52)
Everything that is alive grows and people celebrate milestones in their lives because it culminates to growth.
6). The Need for Impact and Contribution.
People desire to live a life that is relevant; a life that impacts and contributes to a cause.

All that we seek for, all that we look for, all that we fight for, all that we pray for is hidden in one of the six fundamental human needs.

Nobody wants to live a life that doesn’t count. People desire to live a life of productivity.

The principal cause of frustration is lack of fulfillment; Nothing physical or material in itself can ever give you fulfillment and nothing on this earth is authorized by God to give you fulfillment.
All physical things that we seek are only expressions and conveyors of a Deeper, Spiritual, and Psychological longing.
Genesis 37:15
If you only had three hours to live now, there is only one thing you will look for: PEACE (John 14:27).
The only thing that can give you fulfillment in life is the peace that comes with knowing you have lived your life effectively serving the purposes of God and being a blessing to humanity.
Aside from your relationship with Jesus, your family, and your assignment, nothing else is a do-or-die affair.
When you’re fighting and crying for your ego, let wisdom be the dispute settler, reminding you that it’s not worth your peace.
Peace is the cheapest.
Money does not give fulfillment.
Matthew 6:25-34
Anything that wants to take your peace is not worth it.
2 Things you will be remembered for:
  • The Problem you caused
  • The one you solved


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