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Things Of The Spirit by Apostle Joshua Selman

Things Of The Spirit by Apostle Joshua Selman

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3 Levels of the Anointing

  1. The anointing that comes upon a man because you are grafted into Christ through the new birth experience. The anointing because you are a Christian.
  2. The anointing that comes on the account of your office. You occupy an office mandated by heaven with a throne that backs you.
  3. The anointing is a reward for discerning the dealings of The Spirit in a season

The Anointing does not follow men, it follows God’s agenda.

The Move of God

  1. The Cyclically Move of God consistent with his ordinances. Mentorship and Fatherhood becomes very useful in this stage.

It is not enough to be available, you must be useable.

The more you yield and the more you die, you give God space to manifest his limitless possibilities within a man.

The gospel of salvation is a representation of all God did for man. But the gospel of the kingdom is man’s response to God.

You get close to men by meeting their needs not desiring their attention.

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The generation that gives God time is the generation that will bring Jesus Back

It takes time to be used by God. Intimacy is a function of time.

The secret place is not a place you rush.

3 different types of wealth

  1. Transactional Wealth – Wealth that comes by exchanging value for reward
  2. Transformational Wealth – Wealth that is your reward for impacting and changing lives
  3. Sovereign Wealth – Wealth by the Finger of God.

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