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The Winlos’s ‘Prophet Suddenly’ Review

The Winlos's 'Prophet Suddenly' Review

Prophet Suddenly by The Winlos Review

I have to tell you, this movie is a must-watch by all everyone not just upcoming ministers but everyone in the body of Christ has to see this movie.

The movie is very deep and you get to see the reality of life of what is going on in some churches today. Some Pastors are thinking that taking a shorter route will give them access to greater anointing and to be like popular Men of God like Apostle Joshua Selman, Apostle Arome, Pastor Adeboye, Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche,  Bishop Oyedepo, and others. Instead of waiting on God’s time and allowing God to prepare them, they take matters into their own hands to become famous and powerful by any means possible.

What they do not understand is that the enemy doesn’t give anything for free, he also comes back to collect from you no matter what,

To Husbands who are not able to be contented with their wives and are looking for any pretty lady to sleep with just to feel their sexual orgies, you guys better be careful before you end up sleeping with mami water (Spirit Mermaid) and before you know it, you have entered Wahala.

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Also, know that not every Man of God that claims to be a man of God is truly one, some are Men of the devil and are going to do anything possible to maintain the power and control they have.

Ask God for the spirit of discernment so you can know who is truly for God or who is not.

The gift that God gives anyone can’t be bought, any pastor calling for you to pay many for any salvation or deliverance is not a man of God but a false pastor. Know this and have peace.

When God gives you something, he doesn’t take it back. It is given to you permanently and free of charge.

Watch the Movie and remain blessed as you do so.

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