The Voice of God (The Pattern for Growth and Stature) (Sound The Alarm)

The Voice of God (The Pattern for Growth and Stature) (Sound The Alarm)

Psalm 29:3-9, Ezekiel 43:1-2

Ability to be led by God and the spirit

Depending on the voice of God

Psalm 23

Leadership and guard-ship

Understanding the communication of God is important for any believer.

Romans 8:14

what does the voice of God mean?

Speaking is not limited to the vocal or speaking of God

All the spiritual channels and pathways he uses to communicate his will and intent

Power of God – Will and Intent of God

Matthew 6:10

His power follows his voice.

How does God speak?

Hebrews 1:1-2

  1. The Holy Scriptures – the principal channel. The voice of God
  2. Dreams, visions, and spiritual encounters to communicate his intent
  3. The prophetic. Hosea 12:10
  4. Knowing and witness of the spirit Romans 8:16

If the will and intent doesn’t come to you, it wasn’t from God.

What is the language of God?

It’s not Greek, Hebrew, English nor Yoruba.

1 Corinthians 13:1

It is not vocabulary, it is light. 1 John 1:5, Psalm 119:130, Matthew 17:5

Spiritual composition.

God communicates his intent captured through his light.

The mind has a role to play in interpreting the spirit of God.


  1. The will
  2. emotions
  3. The intellect

A Healthy mind interprets God’s light correctly. The speaking of God.

The assignment of your mind, therefore, is to give the light of God’s (will and intent) vocabulary expressions so that understanding can be established. Ephesians 5:17

Faith in one word is obedience.

Phil 2:5

Supremacy and transformation

Discernment is important. So you are sure it comes from God or not.

Contend for transformation. Romans 7:27

Settle in the word.. let it dwell in you richly. Colossians 3:16, acts 20:32, Ephesians 4:18

The voice of God represents every spiritual channel that God is able to use to communicate his will and his intent.

From God’s heart to our heart.

The voice of God will always birth the will of God. The power of God is jurisdictional in its operation. The jurisdiction of the will of God is the power of God.

Respect the word of God beyond preaching.

4 ways we know God

  1. Through his word
  2. Through his names
  3. By studying Jesus
  4. Through experience Job 42:5

We are so focused on hearing God speak instead of focusing on how to interpret what he says. If the devil knows this he will bring what you think came from God.

Accurately communicate his speaking.

Rising to the frequencies of God. Acts 6:4


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