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The Seeing Eyes (Accessing the gift of sight) by Apostle Joshua Selman

The Seeing Eyes (Accessing the gift of sight) by Apostle Joshua Selman

Watch The Message

Matthew 13:13-16

Pray Father, that which must come upon me in tonight’s service for my destiny, for advancement, and for my progress, I prepare my heart to receive, in the name of Jesus

It is important for the Saints, through The Holy Spirit, to comprehend the means of accessing God’s wisdom for their ultimate glory. (1 Corinthians 2:6-12).

In the scriptures, Jesus never left a blind man unhealed. This carries a prophetic message, as a lack of sight can limit a person in life and destiny.

The message of the seeing eye aims to reveal how the mind of God is made clear to the believer

In Scriptures, the eyes of John the Baptist became blinded in his latter years. Immediately he fulfilled his assignment in identifying Jesus, he strayed from his prophetic path, leading to a tragic end.

Just because you had sight for yesterday, does not mean you have sight for today. You must receive the seeing eye for the present!

Sincerity is not enough to actualize destiny. You must have the gift of sight.

Motion without direction is a risk.

Prayer: Where you have veered off in life and in destiny, in the name of Jesus, may your eyes be opened tonight, to receive direction!

Jesus rebuked the Pharisees in Scriptures, labeling them ‘blind leading the blind.’ Similarly, many who were once on the path to destiny have veered off course, unfortunately misguiding their followers.

There is timing to destiny. Many people are wasting time, copying what they see others doing, ignoring what God is showing them, unique to the blueprint of their destiny.

Blind Bartimaeus asked to ‘receive’ his sight from Jesus, not just for his eyes to be opened.
It’s possible his eyes were physically open but unseeing.
Just because your eyes are open, does not mean you have received the gift of sight (Luke 18:34-43).

Prophetic Channels God Uses to Communicate His Intents When the Gift of Sight is Activated:

1. Your Dreams and Visions (Joel 2:28, Job 33:14-15, Genesis 41:25,28, Genesis 28:12)
The capacity to dream and see vision is a gift from God to help direct the course of your life.
Without the seeing eye (the gift of sight), you will never be able to have the platform of dreams and vision to be used by God to reveal the blueprint of your destiny.

There are people who were misdirected because of dreams they had, which they followed sincerely, but unto destruction. Satan too, is interested in your dreams and visions.

You can see what is right through dreams and visions, yet not know the timing and be in error, consequently failing in life and destiny.

Every confusion in your life, that has come as a result of haziness in your dreams and visions, may that veil be torn permanently, in the name of Jesus!

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When you have a seeing eye (the gift of sight), you can see people’s true intents, beyond their actions. Judas’ kiss will never be mistaken for a sign of love.

For anyone that has lost the gift of sight, due to lack of discernment, in the name of Jesus, let there be a restoration.

As a Believer, you must pray for a resurrection of your dreams and visions. Beyond praying for an open eye, you must pray for a seeing eye.

2. Your Imaginations and Creativity (Genesis 11:1-6, Exodus 31:1-6)
The gift of sight miraculously translates into a creative mind. The mental pictures, goals, and the plans that frame your destiny, are a product of this advantage.
God can breathe upon your mind to creatively come up with prophetic pictures that determine the course of the next level of your life.

Your imagination is a limitless miracle. It can go into your yesterday and future. It can take you to places your feet are yet to step into.

Every idea that comes to your imagination is already in existence; it is your responsibility to filter that which is needed for the actualization of your destiny and is consistent with God’s desires for you.

It is one thing to receive an instruction from God, however, the gift of sight is the miracle needed, to translate God’s instructions, through creative ideas and imagination.

Productivity lies in the realm of imagination and creativity.

When creativity is present, a Believer’s approach to scripture changes; the cure for poverty can be found in the realm of imagination and creativity.

Lay your hands upon your head and pray: Father, breathe upon my mind. Let my imagination and my creativity come alive, in the name of Jesus!

3. The Capacity to Have Insights from Scripture (Ephesians 1:17-18, Isaiah 29:11-12, Job 32:8)
When you possess the seeing eye (the gift of sight), scriptural mysteries are unraveled and you will begin to have unusual insights that can build your life and family.
You will be able to draw solutions from Scriptures, applicable to life’s issues or challenges.

When you have the gift of sight, mysteries from Scripture are revealed to you; from one verse of The Bible, you can draw multiple insights.

The ability to extract solutions from Scripture is proof that insight into The Word of God has been gained.

The jurisdiction of the spiritual gift of word of knowledge is having access to the past and present.
Prophecy is futuristic, going beyond the past and present and looking into the future.
You do not have to be a prophet to be prophetic. Every Believer has an advantage of the operations of the prophetic.

Every time you have insight into the realm of the spirit, a portal has been opened, granting you the ability to create certain possibilities.

The realm of the spirit has spiritual components.
Spiritual atmospheres are communicable. You can be affected by another man’s spiritual atmosphere.

4. Prophetic Revelations (John 16:13, Revelation 1:1, 4:1, 2Kings 5:20-27)
It is the privilege of Believers to see into and be carried in the realm of the Spirit. It comes as a result of the strength of one’s secret place or the health of a spiritual experience.
The gift of the seeing eye grants you access to see into the future, beyond the past and present.
Every time you have insights into the realm of the spirit, you have the ability to open portals and create realities and possibilities immediately.

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Those who will be champions in this end-time are those who are interested in having the gift of a seeing eye.
It is a risk to progress without knowing the prophetic blueprint for your life and destiny and to not know with certainty what next step God wants you to take.

As a Believer, always remember that you are a conduit point.
Spiritual atmospheres are communicable; you can be affected by another person’s prayer life.
The realm of the spirit has a presence component that follows it. You can be affected by another man’s atmosphere or spiritual climate because men carry atmospheres, presence in the spirit, and climates that can have an effect on you.

If you do not have the eyes that see, you will call enemies, friends, and friends, enemies. You will see demonic doors and call them open doors.
As a leader, the power of sight helps you put together imperfect people and stop you from throwing away gifts that may not seem promising in the present.
The seeing eye helps you to forgive and gives you the staying power to endure, till an offensive person becomes the gift they originally were designed to be to you.

Sometimes, the very place of your pain is where your treasure will come from; it is your staying power and the gift of a seeing eye that will afford you the opportunity to look beyond your current state.

Pray: Lord deliver me from spiritual blindness. Grant me the gift of sight.

Pray: Father, what chariot should I join in this season, what partnerships should I break out of and which should I become a part of? What should I be studying and meditating on, for the next prophetic season of my life and destiny?

Pray: Father, show me the great and mighty things that I need to know and be aligned with, in this season, in the name of Jesus. (Jeremiah 33:3)

The grace for seeing eyes comes upon a Believer, who has invested consistent, quality time in the place of prayer and praying in the Spirit.

How to Activate the Gift of Sight:
1. Praying in The Spirit
The gift of the seeing eye is activated by committing yourself to the ministry of prayer. You cannot fake a genuine prayer life. If you want to see beyond the earthly realm, you must invest time praying.
Your prayer altar is connected to your spiritual sight. There is a stability your prayer life gives every other thing you do.

To meditate means to think and ponder, using the tool of imagination.
To activate the gift of sight, you must engage in rich moments where you meditate on The Word of God and upon Scripture-based resources, such as sermons and books that are word-compliant.

2. Meditation
Meditating upon The Word of God and Scripture-based resources (sermons, books, teachings, etc) can activate your sight and spiritual faculties.
To meditate means to think and ponder, using the tools of imagination and creativity.

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Don’t make assumptions about God’s plans. Instead, remain in His presence until He reveals His intended path for you.
Heavenly sight may appear foolish to those bound by earthly perspectives, but it’s the key to turning a Believer into a champion.

3. Impartation (Ephesians 3:9)
There is a grace that can make Believers see in the spirit, but it depends on the grace that rests upon them.

The gift of sight identifies where a problem is; one can see the oncoming of tragedies and either stop or correct them.

No matter how accurate what you have seen in the spirit realm is, never execute it until you have vetted it using The Word of God. The devil can appear as an angel of light.

No matter how spiritually advanced and accurate you may be, never be too big to be guided. We all see in parts (1 Corinthians 13:9).

What gives you stability is your respect for God’s word as recorded in The Bible.
Interpreting visions has a protocol.

What was recorded in the Scriptures was written, so that it will not be changed.
What is written is greater than what was seen.
Have the maturity to respect The Word of God and sieve all ‘seeings’ through the scriptures.

Another Measure Song

In the name of Jesus, upon someone’s eyes, the grace to see, receive that grace now!
A heavy grace of heaven, let it rest upon you now, in the name of Jesus!

For everyone called into the prophetic, I impart upon you that grace now!
I decree and declare, the grace that brings life to your dreams and visions, from tonight, may it rest upon you, in the name of Jesus!

I bring restoration to every dead vision and dream, in the name of Jesus.
In the name of Jesus, what you have never seen in Scripture that you need to see, I open the eyes of your understanding to begin to see it now.

Anyone desperate for revelatory gifts, I stretch my hand, and receive a fresh impartation now, in the name of Jesus!
Every trouble you have entered and every mistake you have made due to spiritual blindness, in the name of Jesus I invoke the mercy of God, come out of that situation now!

I declare by prophecy, wherever your financial resources will come from, I gravitate you towards that area now, in the name of Jesus!
For every leader and anyone in ministry, may the eyes to see be imparted upon you. May nothing take you unawares, in the name of Jesus.

Before anything happens, either for your good and for any bad fashioned against you, in the name of Jesus, may it be shown to you!
By the gift of sight, you will never enter any vehicle that will kill you, in the name of Jesus!



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