Striving For Mastery Part 3: The Power of Systems and Structures by Apostle Joshua Selman

Striving For Mastery Part 3: The Power of Systems and Structures by Apostle Joshua Selman

Ecclesiastes 10:10 (KJV)

Truth that is randomly communicated does not in itself produce result. For truth to be helpful, it has to be presented accurately and arranged sequentially.

God is a God of systems and structures; This means that everytime God builds, he does it with the intention for the system to continue.

The realm of mastery is the realm of systems and structures. (Ezekiel 37:1-7kjv)

What Are Systems?

1). A system is a set of elements or components that are organized for a common purpose.

2). A system is a set of principles or procedures according to which something is done (also known as an organized approach to doing something).

What are Structures?

A structure comes from the Latin word “Structura” which means to fit together or to build. Therefore, structure is the way in which parts of a system are arranged.

No growth process or result is sustainable until or unless it is systematized.
To systematize means to make a system predictable by making a formula.

Systems talk about execution strategies while structure talks about organization; the way in which things are built.

The moment you do not systematize any operation in your life, inconsistency is inevitable.
When there are no systems and structures in your life, emotions will govern your day.

The Advantages of Systems and Structures:

1). Systems and structures make it possible for everyone who engages them to have the same or similar results.

2). Systems and structures minimize biases and sentiments.

3). Systems and structures guarantee sustainability and longevity of results. Includes your spiritual life, finances and every other aspect of your life.

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4). Systems and structures make replication or reproduction possible.

5). Systems and structures provide a basis for commendation, correction, promotion and demotion without biases or emotional interference.

In our walk with God. God does not commend, correct, promote or demote emotionally, there is always a basis for what He does.
Positive compromise only happen when there’s a basis or standard in place.

Pains, problems and issues arise in people’s lives and organisations because people didn’t systematise the processes.

For an individual, you must create two kinds of systems in your life basically:

1). A value system or a code of conduct.
2). An operational guide; a modus operandi that is based on your conviction and priority.

It is difficult to systematize anything, when you do not know the reason for its existence.

In order to build formidable systems and structures, there are six (6) questions you must be able to answer:

1). Why do I exist? ( A question of vision).

There must be a clear definition of your goal to be achieved or the end product. It is difficult to systematize anything if you do not know why it exists.

2). Who are the beneficiaries of my solutions?

There are targeted beneficiaries for any vision or calling. It is pertinent to know your clientele. You must discover who you’re sent to and what calls you.

3). What tools do I need?

This refers to your skills, your resources, and your relationships. You cannot create systems until you identify the tools you need, this helps you put in place the kind of structure that would drive you.

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4). Who does what?

This refers to distribution of tasks. You will fail in life if you do everything alone. There has to be a proper distribution of tasks and roles to be played by everyone involved.

Systems should be greater than individuals, such that regardless of who is performing the task, the results are the same.

5). What is the most important aspect of the vision to focus on now? (1 Corinthians 10:23kjv)

This talks about emphasis. God is a God of times and seasons. He operates based on emphasis. As a leader, it is pertinent to know the emphasis (regarding God’s dealing in your life, or for your business) per season.

6). What are the major limitations, pitfalls and distractions to avoid? (1 Peter 5:8kjv)

You manage your growth and results by creating systems in your life. One of the assignments of systems and structure is to keep you through to your values and what you stand for. Identifying your limitations, pitfalls and distraction will help avoid destruction.

Systems can protect you beyond your imagination, especially as it pertains to your rising. It gives you the legitimacy to say no to things that may be good but are not useful for your life.

A code of conduct guides how you behave, while a code of operation guides how you do things.

You must build a code of conduct (your character) and a code of operation (how you do things) around your life and in your organization out of the six questions given.

Systems are supervisors; they supervise your spiritual life.

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You Must Ask Yourself?

1). How do I build a system that maintains my spiritual growth and fire?

It is pertinent to create a system around your spiritual life that emotions won’t interfere with. Work on setting a specific time and reminder for your devotion that can help you build consistency for your spiritual growth.

2). What system have I put in place for mental development?

To become an end time tool that God will use, you must align with His thoughts mentally. Listen to materials that are word-compliant to build yourself mentally.

3). What are the systems I have put in place for my health?

There must be a provision to maintain your health and it is pertinent to build a system to manage your health and wellness alongside Scriptures that speaks about it.

4). What are the systems I have put in place for my family life?

Without proper systems in place, there would be clear decadence in the lives of your children.

5). What systems do I have in place for finances and budgeting?

There are certain needs you should not have, if you have systems in your life.

There are certain activities and events that should be cut out of your life by reason of your financial status.

6). What systems have I put in place for maintaining various relationships? What is my standard for having friends?

Your relationships should be classified into cadres based on the value they contribute to your life. Make time for people who matter. Re-order your life and create systems for sustaining valuable relationships in your life.


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