The Power of God by Apostle Joshua Selman

The Power of God by Apostle Joshua Selman

God’s Method has always been and will always be His Word.

God’s Method for Lifting is His Word

God’s Method for Restoration  is His Word

God’s Method for Signs and Wonders is His Word

God’s Method for Open Doors is His Word

1 Chronicles 29:11 KJV

Wherever there is power, it is an unusual manifestation and unusual occurrence.

The speakings of God and the performance of his power

God doesn’t just say, he wants to do.

Acts 1:7-8

Acts 2:1- KJV

Purposes of God

  1. It takes power to birth the purposes of God in your life. Psalm 66:3 KJV
  2. The purposes of God can never be achieved in the strength of the life.

What is the Power of God?

  1. His Agency for Creation. The agency he deploys for his creation Jeremiah 32:17 KJV. 2 Peter 1:3 KJV
  2. His Agency for Correction. Matthew 8:1-3 KJV. Luke 13:10 KJV, 
  3. His Agency for enforcing compliance. Luke 4:31 -37 KJV, Genesis 1:3-4 KJV, Matthew 8:24-28 KJV, Psalms 66:3 KJV
  4. His Agency for bringing Salvation. Deliverance and Breakthrough in its entirety. Acts 4:33 KJV, Romans 1:16 KJV,  Acts 16:25-34 KJV, John 4:48 KJV, Acts 8:5-7 KJV, Matthew 10:1;
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