The Mystery of Altars (Let Them Have Dominion – Part Two) by Apostle Joshua Selman

The Mystery of Altars (Let Them Have Dominion - Part Two) by Apostle Joshua Selman


Genesis 35:1-7KJV,  Genesis 8:20-22KJV

3 goals for tonight’s teaching on “The Mystery of Altars (Let Them Have Dominion – Part Two)” from a Biblical standpoint:

  1. What Altars are from a biblical standpoint.
  2. Relationships between altars and the dominion of the saints
  3. How to raise altars and how to pull down altars

The word altar is mentioned about 364 times in the Bible. Genesis 8:20KJV, Genesis 12:7-8KJV, Genesis 13:3-4, 18 KJV, Genesis 22:9KJV, Genesis 26:25JKJV, Genesis 33:19-20KJV, Genesis 35:1,3,7KJV, Exodus 17:14-15KJV.

In this Kingdom, we only rise and reign through light. When God wants to help a man, He shortens the distance between him and his access to light.

The word altar was said by men who feared the Lord and unto God.

What is an altar?

An Altar is a place a platform or a system. Where the spirit realms make contact with the physical realm on legal grounds. Luke 1:10-11

An Altar is also a platform for authorization of laws and authorizations of spirits to function upon the earth.

An Altar finally is a platform where covenants are activated and maintained.

Altars can be physical monuments
Altars can be institutions
Altars can be men
Altars can be Non-material platforms

The patriarchs commanded superior levels of Dominion on earth because they understood the concept of altars.

The Major Assignment of an altar is also a platform for authorization and continuity to spiritual activity on earth whether Godly or Demonic.

You can know the presence of an altar in any life, any family, and in any region by the consistency of patterns and occurrences. for example salvation, the blessing of the Jews Nation.

Examples of Negative Altars. All Kinds of negative patterns are powered by altars.

1). All kinds of wrong addictions and negative patterns
2). The presence of mysterious diseases and infirmities usually passed down by bloodline
3). All kind of sexual and immoral perversions.
4). Depression and mental health issues.
5). Witchcraft and idol worship
6). Stagnation and delays
7). Near-success syndrome
. Barrenness and short-lived success (This means that you enjoy every blessing but it does not last).

Altars can affect individuals, altars can affect families.

How Do An Altars Work

All satanic altars are powered by one major altar. Systems of authorization and systems of communication are powered by one major access is the altar of sin and iniquity. Judges 6:1KJV, Hosea 7:1KJV, Romans 5:12-14KJV, John 9:1-2KJV.

3 Levels of sin with respect to the Activities of Altars:

  1. Personal Sin 1 John 1:18KJV
  2. Territorial Sin Genesis 18:20-23KJV, Jonah 1:1-3KJV, Jonath 3:1-3
  3. Sin Based On Foundations and Bloodlines Psalm 11:3KJV, Exodus 34:6-14KJV

All Godly Altars are powered by one major altar that powers them all. The Bible calls it the throne of grace alongside the blood of Jesus. That is called the eternal Covenant. Hebrews 4:14-16KJV, Hebrews 12:22-24KJV, Hebrews 13:20-21KJV

How To Raise and How to Maintain Altars and How To Tear Down Altars

Today we do not raise altars by erecting physical structures or monuments. necessarily (this doesn’t mean you cannot dedicate a specific meeting point for God). To understand how to erect altars from Patriarchs in Scripture, we’ll study Elijah.1 Kings 18-19-39

  1. Repentance and brokenness. Not Confession, not declaration, not prophecy not giving but repentance. To raise spiritual altars and see the realm of the spirit work in partnership with the physical realm to produce a specific result, it cannot be without genuine repentance and brokenness. 2 Samuel 24:1,10-15-25KJV
  2. Word of God. The Promises of God.
  3. Sacrifice. 3 Levels of Sacrifices.
    – You. Romans 12:1
    – Our Praise and Worship. Hebrews 13:15
    – Your Prayers. Leviticus 6:13
    – Your Seed and Giving
  4.  Prophetic Decrees and Blessings 1Kings 18:33-35KJV.

As far as dominion and authority upon the earth is concerned, you will never be able to excel without an altar. Genesis 8:20-22KJV

The mystery of the altar is the mystery of dominion; The power to restrain evil is captured in the understanding of the mystery of altars.
You can use your sacrifice to perfect the process of erecting an altar over anything that comes against you. Psalm 51:1-19

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  1. Thank you Apostle, my life will never be the same. I am so grateful to ALMIGHTY GOD for the ministry HE has given you.

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  3. Thank you so much to open up our eyes ?? you to see may GOD bless YOU in JESUS’MIGHTY NAME ?????????

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