The Hidden Wisdom of God by Apostle Joshua Selman

The Hidden Wisdom of God by Apostle Joshua Selman

Things Of The Spirit Conference 2019

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Matthew 25:1-10

Lamb is the word of God

Whoever has The Spirit is the one that can access the wisdom

Psalm 119:105

In the spiritual things, it is always the Word and The Spirit, not the Word alone.

Isaiah 48:16

The enemy makes you less spiritual by creating a religious culture around the world.

The Ministry of the Word and The Ministry of The Spirit.

The word of God is a compendium of the methodology the modus operandi of the kingdom. It’s supposed to be a system of spiritual education that brings you to think like Christ. You begin to understand the things of The Spirit. God’s operation is his system of operation.

The ministry of The Spirit will in many regards insult your sense of maturity and order.

John 3:8

If you truly want to walk in glory, you must sustain the flexibility to let the oil move freely although in a lamp.

Many want the oil but the condensed version of it, let it fit quietly and not move.

The true transforming factor is The Spirit behind it.

The Spirit that enters men that causes the motion

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You are not a blessing to men if you ignore the Minister of The Spirit

When You Pray in The Spirit, access is given to you

The Hidden wisdom of God is shrouded in a parable of the ten virgins.

If you hold the lamp and hold the oil, you must meet the groom.

The timing of the oil is important.

It takes time to know The Holy Spirit.

Behind every exploit in the kingdom is The Spirit of God.

The Secret to a Sustaining Christian Life is not just to know the word and get the word, but to embrace The Ministry of The Holy Spirit. Not as a tool for effective ministry but as a matter of life and death.

When you speak by The Spirit the result shows, When you walk by The Spirit the result shows

When The Holy Spirit walks with you, your life becomes a sign and a wonder.


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