The Faith That Changes Your Realities by Apostle Joshua Selman

La Foi Qui Change Tes Réalités (The Faith That Changes Your Realities )|| Oracles Sur La Nation (Oracles On The Nation) || 1er Jour Soiree de Gloire/ Temple De La Foi (1st Day Evening of Glory/Temple of Faith) || Apostle Joshua Selman

The Faith That Changes Your Realities by Apostle Joshua Selman

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There are three ways doors open in the life of a man to usher him into new seasons

  1. Use of Correct Keys (engage the right key)
  2. By Knocking (The power of relationship)
  3. Through Warfare and Supernatural power. Acts 16:25-26 KJV

You have to be conscious of the presence of God
You have to be conscious of the power of God

Daniel 11:32B – The People that do know their God shall:
1. Be Strong
2. Do Exploits.

Things you must know as a believer

  1. It is God’s ordination for every believer to live a life of grace, life of beauty, and life of victory and you as a believer must believe it regardless of your current situation.
  2. The results (the walks of faith, the manifestation of his power, the manifestation of his wisdom, the excellence) that come from your Christian life are how God is glorified.
    Ephesians 2:10 KJV

    The workmanship of a man is:
    1. The fruit of his creativity
    2. The tools he uses to work
    The real proof of loving Jesus is not in the singing of love songs to him, the real proof that you love Jesus is not you rolling on the ground from left to right as important as that is, the real proof that you love Jesus is that you allow your life to become a visible expression of what he can do. Your life becomes a Bible that all men can read. That when they stop reading their Bibles in their homes, you become a continuation of their Bible study.

    SAY THIS: My life must become a manifestation of the glory of God.

The requirements for those that will be strong and do exploits even exploits of faith are the people that do know their God. Everybody’s God is a reason behind their exploits.

The Bible says if you are looking for strength, capacity, and exploits, you must know your God.

The foundation for a life of exploits is not just what you do, it is the God you know.

The God you know is where your confidence comes from.

Bible faith is a product of an encounter

Our relationship with God is what will produce results in our lives.

The People that do know their God shall:
1. Be Strong (capacity)
2. Do Exploits.

It takes a long time to know, and while you are paying the price to know God, you will look like a failure for a long time.

When you find God:

  1. You have also found his Wisdom 
  2. You have also found his Power
  3.  You have also found his Presence
  4. You have also found his Favor
  5. You have also found His grace for speed
  6. You have also found His grace for restoration
  7. You have also found Everything

The formula for exploit, the formula for faith is not prayer request yet, not things yet, it is the pursuit of a person.

The character of faith is that your journey must begin by seeking God not using God. Matthew 6:33 KJV

If you truly find God, there is nothing that is in the will of God that you will not find.

Faith is a journey and in the course of the journey, there are times that your results will not yet be in your hand. The Bible says that anytime you do not see results in your hand, there is something else you have it is called a Good Report. Hebrews 11 KJV

What is a report?

A testimony with God that you have found him. That means in God’s dealing with men, finding him (God) is greater than making it.

Genesis 1:1 KJV
In The Beginning God

If you compromise on this formula (In The Beginning God), you will never become a man of exploits. John 21 KJV

When you leave God to find things, you will only find pain.

What is the key to having an encounter with God?

The greatest key to finding God is called hunger and desperation. Matthew 5:6 KJV

  1. Your hunger for Prayer
  2. Your hunger for the Word
  3. Your hunger for His Presence
  4. Your hunger for Fasting
  5. Your hunger for The House of God

Behind the great men and women you admire, whether in ministry, whether in business, whether in politics. People God has given transgenerational influence here is the secret, it is not because they are the wisest, it is not because they are the most educated, it is not because the man of God has the greatest revelation but there was something God found in them, it is called hunger

Faith was never designed to be a lecture, Faith is a reaction to an encounter



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