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The Evidence of Genuine Intimacy with God by Apostle Joshua Selman

The Evidence of Genuine Intimacy with God

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God’s priority for me is that you will know him. The primary call of a believer is that you will conform to the stature, the character the fullness of the measure of Christ. Ephesians 4:10-12

If your pursuit of God is tied to anything other than him, there is a rude disappointment waiting for you at the end of the journey.

You must pursue God for who he his

Our call as Christians

  1. Conform to the character, stature, and nature of God
  2. In partnership with the Holy Spirit to be an extension of the ministry of Jesus upon the Earth. Partnership with the Holy Spirit Brings us oneness

The signature of God in your life is how the anointing of the Holy Spirit comes.

What evidence do you have in your life that you have a relationship with the person of the Holy Spirit?

When you begin to expose yourself to the presence of the glory of God

  1. An exposition of the true state of your heart. A revealing of who you truly are in the light of him. Isaiah 6:1, psalms 139:23. Your pursuit for God should be more than your personal needs. Let God search your heart. Psalm 51:10, Matthew 13:25, John 15:2. Dedicate time for soul searching with God. You are working in character and fruit of the spirit. It doesn’t happen immediately, it takes time.
  2. It will conquer unbelief in your life. Communion is the true key to activating the faith of the son of God in your life. Acts 4. Exposing your spirit to the atmosphere of God’s reality.
  3. The freshness of insight and revelation. Anytime you encounter the Holy Spirit, there is a message. Psalms 1. Stagnation means the presence of God is absent in your life. There should be freshness in your life. Psalm 36:9.
  4. Authentic auction and authority in the spirit. Psalm 133. The presence of God should be your greatest asset. Acts 10:38. Jeremiah 33:3
The Evidence of Genuine Intimacy with God with Apostle Joshua Selman

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