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solomon lange nagode mp3 download

Solomon Lange – Na Gode [MP3 and Lyrics]

Download Na Gode By Solomon Lange (MP3)



Lyrics for Na Gode By Solomon Lange

Sabon rai, ka bani, nagode
Ceto, ka bani, nagode
Taimako, ka bani, nagode

Nasara, ka bani, nagode
Iyali, ka bani, nagode
Abokane, ka bani, na gode
Sujada ne nake Godiya ne nake
Sujada ne nake Godiya ne nake
Sujada ne nake,
ya Yesu Godiya ne nake, a!
Sujada ne nake, mai Ceto
Godiya ne nake, a!
Kai ka share Hawaye Kai ka wanke Zunubi
Kai ka bani Salama Kai ka bani yanci
Kai ka bani Warkasuwa
Kai ka bani Hikima Ma-so-yi-na,
Sujada ne nake, (Sujada, sujada)
Godiya ne nake, (Godiya, godiya)
Sujada ne nake – Mai Ceto na (Sujada, sujada)
Godiya ne nake (Godiya, godiya)
Sujada ne nake – ya Yesu (Sujada, sujada)
Godiya ne nake, a! (Godiya, godiya)
Sujada ne nake – Mai Fansa (Sujada, sujada)
Godiya ne nake, a! O! O! O! O!.
Sarkin Runduna Allan alloli Kai mai iko – O! O!
Nagode (Nagode), Nagode (Nagode)
Nagode (Nagode), Nagode (Nagode)
Nagode (Nagode), Nagode (Nagode)
Nagode (Nagode), Nagode (Nagode)
Ya Yesu, nagode (Nagode)
Ni, nagode (Nagode) Mai iko, nagode,(Nagode)
Ni, nagode Mai Taimako, nagode (Nagode)
Nagode (Nagode) Mai Fansa, nagode (Nagode) Nagode (Nagode)
Ya Allah nagode (Nagode)
Ni nagode (Nagode) Mai Iko, nagode
Ni, Nagode (Nagode) Mai Mulki,
nagode (Nagode)
Ai, nagode (Nagoda) Ni nagode (Nagode)
Ai, nagode (Nagode)

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12 Comments on DOWNLOAD MP3: Solomon Lange – Na Gode

  1. Temi says:

    Amen in Jesus Name

  2. promise says:

    what a song? these make me to remember all god has been doing for me. so mr solomon keep on, i pray that god will continue engracing u

  3. Victoria noah Aka Vicky diamond says:

    If I say like is an understatement,I love his songs for those dat does n’t understand Hausa re really missing alot of d Hausa tracks,his songs reminds me of my pass nd how God help me nd is still helping me,I can play his songs over a million times, Solomon Lange u re too much more grace for u in Jesus name.I love too be like u some day.

  4. Jonathan Yakubu says:

    Evergreen song

  5. Vincent says:

    I love the song

  6. Stephen tamar says:

    I love his music

  7. Tife says:


  8. Anonymous says:

    I really love this track

  9. Reuben says:

    Highly spiritual song ❤️

  10. Peter nani says:

    Your music’s always goes sweet to me

  11. Webster l says:

    I love his songs,there have meaning which reminds me of alot of things in life

  12. Anonymous says:

    I just love listening to this track over and over.

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