Proclaim Music – Like A Bird

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Proclaim Music – Like A Bird

Proclaim Music – Like A Bird mp3 download

Sensational Gospel Music African Singers Proclaim Music has released a new single titled “Like A Bird”

Listen and download this song below


Verse 1
You’re running out of faith I can see
And you don’t know where to go
Don’t know what to do yeah
If you obey the Lord your God
And follow all his commands
He will never let you down
He will always be there for you
Trust in him Pray every day and night
He will answer and show you where to go x2

If you trust in him he will lift you up
Like a bird Like a bird
He will show you great and mighty things
You know not
You know not
Like a bird like a bird

I see your life is turning down
Don’t worry but you trust in him
He’ll lift you high above the nations believe
When troubles he’ll help you through
He’ll lift you when you’re falling down
His love is true and He is faithful believe

Hook 1
If you trust in him
He will lift you up
Like a bird bird yuh huh x3

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2 Comments on Proclaim Music – Like A Bird

  1. VicZoe from Iganga says:

    Hallelujah!! My friend and I are so blessed by proclaim music.
    AFRICA is so proud “”PROCLAIM””

  2. Margret George says:

    Wow!!It is such an uplifting song.May GOD continue to increase you in his due time.GOD bless.#Born of GOD.??????

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