Leading and Perception by Pastor Bolaji Idowu

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Leading and Perception by Pastor Bolaji Idowu

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John 8:12 KJV

A child of God does not look outside for direction, direction is within him.

Leading is what God does for you, perception is what you receive.

There are 2 dimensions to divine guidance

  1. Leading (The Spirit of God is doing)
  2. Perception

When there is an error in guidance, most people think maybe God did not speak to them. Most of the time the leading is accurate but the perception is distorted.

Sometimes when people make mistakes, it is a perception issue.

Even though God speaks, perception is a function of knowledge and revelation that you have.

You discern based on the level of illumination you have part-time.

Steps to Hearing the Voice of God

  1. Believing that you are hearing the voice of God and receiving the right direction. Every spiritual thing works by believing. Illumination and direction is not outside you, it is inside. Stop looking for direction from the outside, look on the inside. Jeremiah 10:23 KJV
  2. Unless God gives you direction and puts it inside your spirit. You must look inside for a deeper dimension of direction. Some things you are praying for it’s just one direction away. Job 32:8 KJV. 

Man was not designed to live by himself.

Man was designed to be:

  1. Dependent on God
  2. Led by God
  3. Influenced by God.

The primary activity of spirit both the Holy Spirit and evil spirit is to gain control of a person’s heart. Matthew 6:23 KJV

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Ways to be Led by the Holy Spirit:

  1. By the inner Voice
  2. By the voice of the spirit itself
  3. By the inward witness (the way we are led by the Holy Spirit). The witness is the subjective work of the Holy Spirit.

If you do not pass decisions to your spirit, you might not be able to tell whether it is a witness or a testing or is rejecting it.

One of the greatest gifts is to be able to trust the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit on the inside of you so that you can make better decisions and have a better quality of life.

Matthew 6:23 KJV. Value the word of God. The intensity of prayer does not result in volume or in activity, the intensity of prayer is increased by the authority of the word of God. The authority of prayer is derived from the Bible.

One way to know your prayer has been answered is that you are certain when you leave the place of prayer.

What affects perception?

  1. Emotions
  2. Circumstances

Examples of perceptions?

Acts 10:9-20 KJV, Luke 2:8-20 KJV

The moment your perception is wrong, your behavior will be wrong. The moment your behavior is wrong, your results will be wrong.

There is a way you are interpreting what God is saying because of preconceived theology, philosophy, beliefs, and current emotions.

How the Kingdom of God Works?

The progression of God’s power.

  1. The Ear – When you are praying about something, you see the ear (the part of a plaque of a seed that you plant) which means the seed is growing but you don’t have the fruit.
  2. The Blade – There is an advancement but you don’t have a miracle.
  3. The Full Corn – The miracle is here.
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Don’t complain about what you should praise about.

Joel 2:28 KJV

Sometimes your biggest blessing is your frustration.

The perception helps you differentiate the workings of the spirit per time.

What helps with perception is to have light.




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