Helpers of Destinies

Helpers of Destinies

We all need helpers of destinies in our lives because that is one way God can do what he intends to do in our lives. My Apostle Joshua Selman says this statement all the time:

All blessings come from God through Men to Men. Who hates you in this kingdom doesn’t matter who loves you matters.

All God needs is one vessel that is ready to be used by God to bless you and the rest is history.

Today I will be discussing 2 different people in the Bible that God did not allow their helpers of destiny to rest until what God intended for what to be done in their lives be done.

King Xerxes in Mordecai’s case in Esther 6:1-3

If you are familiar with Mordecai’s story in the Bible, Haman the second person in charge in the kingdom hated Mordecai because he refused to bow down to him and Haman was ready to have Mordecai killed and all the Jews during that time. You can read this in Esther 3. 

Haman was on his way to tell King Xerxes to impale Mordecai on the pole that he has set up (Esther 6:4B) but before he got there, God was already ahead of him why? because God didn’t allow King Xerxes to sleep until the royal records were brought and he heard the report of Mordecai. Read the rest of Esther 6 and see how the situation changed for Mordecai with God coming through for him.

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In short, the main thing we are trying to bring out of this event is that when someone is your helper of destiny when it is time for them to move in your life, God will give them sleepless nights and no rest until they do what God wants them to do in your life come to pass which is saving Mordecai life and making King Xerxes remember Mordecai.

Pharoah in Joseph’s Case in Genesis 41:1-7, 14, 39-46

The story of Joseph is one of the most popular stories ever told in the Bible because it is a story that most people can commend and also understand because it was a season of waiting for Joseph and the season lasted for 13 years.

Joseph was put in prison for a sin he didn’t commit and this stage was the last stage God was passing him through when it was time for Joseph to be elevated, God did allow the pharaoh to sleep but 2 different times he gave him dreams that scared him. God won’t allow him to sleep well until what he wanted to use him for in Joseph’s life comes to pass.

He was so distressed that he had to express the dreams but no one was able to interpret the dream until Joseph was called to come and help interpret with God’s help. You can read the rest of Genesis 41 and see how Joseph’s life turned around for God. What the enemy meant for evil in his life, God turned it around for Good.

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In Summary, what I am getting at is this, Helper of Destinies are very important in one life. When God is ready to allow them to move in your life, they either can’t sleep like King Xerxes or They can sleep but can’t sleep well like in the case of Pharaoh.

Helpers of destinies can come in various forms according to the preaching by Apostle Joshua Selman titled “Choose Life

There are 4 kinds of helpers of destinies we need in our lives

  1. Divine Connectors (They do not have what we are looking for, but they know who has it. The key to receiving from divine connectors is discernment. They might not come in the form that is desirable.
  2. Men of Influence (They are called gatekeepers, they are the ones that control systems and structures. You need their credibility and Endorsement) Watch the Message The Grace called Favor by the Apostle to get a better understanding.
  3. Gifted People
  4. Burden Bearers

One prayer that we should be praying is this, just like God didn’t allow the helpers of the destinies of Mordecai and Joseph to rest and sleep, wherever our helpers of destinies are the divine connectors, men of influence, gifted people, and burden bearers, God should not let them rest until the locate us. If God can take rest and sleep from leaders like King Xerxes and Pharaoh, he should not let our helpers of destines also rest.

God blesses people for 3 reasons

  1. Them and their families
  2. For His Kingdom Advancement
  3. To be a Blessing to others
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