Giftson Durai Ft Serene Thabita – Thoonga Iravugal 4

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Giftson Durai Ft Serene Thabita – Thoonga Iravugal 4

Giftson Durai Ft Serene Thabita – Thoonga Iravugal 4 mp3 download

Gospel Music Artist Giftson Durai Featuring Serene Thabita has released a new single titled “Thoonga Iravugal 4”



En vazhvinil yerala aasaigal
Nenjam solludhe niraiverum kaathiru
Paar unnai than kaiyil Yendhikondu
Azhagai avar nadathuvaar

( There’s so much desires in my life
And my heart speaks to itself ,
Stay still ! Over time things will happen.
Look there’s Him who will carry you in His hands and will walk you over goodness)

Ummakai kathirukum bothu
Manadhil sorvu ondru vandhal
Undhan varthai ondrai nambi

(As i wait for You,
If there’s anything that comes and makes my heart sad,
I’ll keep your word as a promise and surrender me to you )

Endhan manadhin yekam ellam
Neerae niraivetruveerae
Undhan vaakai matum nambi

(I know you will put all my desires to pass
I’ll just keep your promise deep down inside and surrender)

Nimadhiyai Saranadaiven Saranadaiven
En manadhai thetrikondu Saranadaiven
Saranadaiven Saranadaiven Saranadaiven
En manadhai aatrikondu Saranadaiven
(Peacefully I’ll surrender
I’ll put my heart to peace and surrender
I’ll surrender
I’ll comfort my heart and surrender)

En muyarchigal ovondrum thoindhalum
Neer tharuvadhai edirpapen ennalum
Um kaigal naan pidithu kondu
Azhagai nilainirkiren

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(Even when all my trials fail,
I’ll wait for what you send my way,
I’ll hold your hands and will stay still

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