EPHPHATHA: The Mystery OF Open Doors

Ephphatha: The Mystery of Open Doors.
(Revelation 3:7-8; Matthew 7:7-8)
Four (4) Words of Encouragement and Charge to the Body of Christ for the Year 2023:
1. Make a decision to love Jesus Christ this year like never before.
There is a realm beyond the realm of prayer and fasting: it is the realm of being passionate about Jesus and serving Him in truth (1 Corinthians 2:9)
2. You must be committed, like never before, to Prayer, Word, and Fellowship
(Prayer: Luke 18:1, 1 Thessalonians 5:17, James 5:13, Mark 11:24, Word: Acts 6:4, 20:32, John 1:3, Fellowship: Psalm 133:1, Acts 2:42-43).
There are some dimensions of the Spirit that you cannot touch by your personal time alone; be committed to corporate fellowship.
3. You must be determined to make notable progress in and with your life.
Refrain from marking time and insist that there must be constructive progress in your life.
(Exodus 14:14-15, Proverbs 4:18). Just because there is motion, don’t mean advancement.
4. You must make up your mind this year, that your life will be a blessing.
(Genesis 12:1-3, Daniel 12:3) Galatians 4:1, Leviticus 9:6,

Every prophetic Word that comes from The Lord demands that it must:

1. Be believed (Luke 1:45)
2. Be received (Mark 11:24)
3. Be engaged with faith

What Are Doors?

1. A door is an authorized system for access; doors control motion and movement.
2. A door can also mean hindrances, limitations, and restrictions.

Points to Note about Doors:

1. Doors can open and doors can close. Very simple and powerful information.
2. Doors can be circumstances, human entities, and spirits. (John 10:7)
3. All doors are closed by default.

Facts about Closed Doors:

1. Doors are closed to manage or restrict access until permission is granted.
(Luke 11:1-7, Matthew 25:8-10)
2. Closed or sealed doors increase the value of a product.
(2 Kings 4:3-4)
3. Generally, doors, especially when closed, sustain the ability to protect and preserve. (Genesis 7:13-16)
4. Closed doors can be a deliberate hindrance, put up to hinder progress.

How to Open Closed Doors:

1. The Use of the Right Keys
(Revelation 3:7, Luke 11:52)
A wrong key does not open a closed door even though it is a key. It takes more than desire for the right door to be opened, it takes the right key (knowledge, understanding, and faith).
2. By Knocking; obtaining help from men through the ministry of mercy and favour. (Matthew 7:7-8, 2 Corinthians 2:12, Revelation 3:20, Luke 11:7-8)
To knock requires patience and persistence.
3. By the Mystery of Warfare and Supernatural Power.
(Acts 16:25-26, Judges 16:3, Psalm 24:7-8)
There are times certain keys may fail, but then God steps in as a warrior in His supernatural power to open the door.
When you stand before a closed door, the first thing you need is Discernment.
You must discern the cause of its closure and the appropriate tool to utilize, in order to get the closed door open.

God will be dealing with us in these areas:

  1. Access Key to Kingdom. Matthew 13:11, Ephesians 1:16-19
  2. Favor. Mystery of Favor. Revelations 3:8
  3. Our Hands to war and Fingers to fight. Psalm 144:1, Psalm 66:3

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