download mp3: JayMikee Ft Isreal Joshua – Dide (lyrics)

JayMikee Ft Isreal Joshua - Dide

Dide mp3 download by JayMikee Ft Isreal Joshua

JayMikee Ft Isreal Joshua just dropped the theme song Dide for the movie Enoch.

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Notable Lyrics:
🎶Dide (Arise)🎶
🎶Emi Oluwa Jehova nbe Lara mi (The Spirit of the Lord is upon me)🎶
🎶Nitori ti oti fi Ami Ororo Yan mi (Cos he has anointed me)🎶
🎶Lati Wasu Fun awon otoshi (To Preach unto the lost ones)🎶
🎶Oti ran mi lati se awo tan oh (He has sent me to cleanse totally)🎶

🎶Gbogbo awon oni ro binuje okan (Those that are heart broken)🎶
🎶Ati gbogbo alayi ni ireti (to those that have lost hope)🎶
🎶Kede idasile fun awon igbekun ( declare freedom to the captives)🎶
🎶ati sisi le tubu fun awon ounde ( to set free the bound)🎶

🎶Didi Arise (x4)🎶

🎶Kristeni Ologun ( Christian Soldiers)🎶

🎶Kristeni mai ti wa sinmi o (Christian Seek yet reprise)🎶
🎶Beeni Angeli re wi (hear thy guardian angel say)🎶
🎶Ni arin ota lowa (ye are in the midst of foes)🎶
🎶Ma so ra (Watch and Pray) (x4)🎶

🎶Didi Arise🎶

🎶Ogun orun apadi (the host of hell)🎶
🎶ti a ko ri sugbon won ko ran won jo (that are gathered)🎶
🎶won sho e (watching you) (x3)🎶

🎶Dide oh! (arise) (x5)🎶
🎶Kristeni Ologun ( Christian Soldiers)🎶

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  1. I love everything about this song, it made me want to dwell more in the the presence of God. Thank you so much for the release of this song.

  2. This song has a way of sending me back to my father. Each time I listened to it, I feel genuine love, and I just want to lie at his feet. Understanding the lyrics itself sets me on fire. Thank you Jesus.

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