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FAQs about Tope Alabi

How to download Tope Alabi songs?

To download Tope Alabi Songs MP3, use the Ngmp3 to download all Tope Alabi Songs’ latest gospel music songs for free. Discover Tope Alabi Songs’s popular songs, latest songs, and all trending songs on Ngmp3. Tope Alabi Songs MP3 Download & New Songs

Where is Tope Alabi from?

Tope Alabi is from Ogun State, a state in the African Country of Nigeria.

List of Tope Alabi Songs

Download All/Latest Tope Alabi Songs 2020/2021/2022

1. Agbelebu :

2. orile ede mi :

3. Ta Lo Dabii Re :

4. Olorun ni Yio Maje :

5. Oruko Tuntun :

6. Halleluyah :

7. You Are Worthy :

8. Gratitude :

9. Mimo L’Oluwa :

10. Logan Ti Ode :

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  1. As far as Yoruba gospel song is concern Evangelist tope alabi number one .heaven hears her voice .

  2. I’m not regretting of following you ma, thank you so much ma indeed you are a blessing to us in this generation. May the peace of God remain with you ma.

  3. She is indeed GOD sent angel to this world, i have been listening to her song since childhood, till now she is the best i pray that GOD will continue to help you, give you strenght, and lift you up more than human expectation i love your song so much GOD bless you.

  4. Tope alabi,you are the best ma, whenever I listen to your songs I get hope and joy that something big will happen. More grace MA

  5. I love your songs, your songs always inspire me. Thank you ma’am, May the Lord continue to bless you

  6. Aunty Tope is a big blessing to me ….her songs has always been helping out..God bless you more mummy

  7. There is no way you will hear tope alabi music that the holy spirit would not touch you, even her voice,the presentation of her songs and the message of holy spirit in the song will touch you, her songs always make me to remember that there is nothing in this world, some of her songs teaches me that this world is a market that who ever finishes his or her own market will return home, infact there are heavy holy spirit messages in her gospel songs, I personally love her for such wonderful and gospel song, may God continue to increase you in knowledge and inspirations Amen. I love you ma and I will continue to pray for you, you shall be going higher and higher in Jesus mighty Name, no weapon fashion against you shall prosper in Jesus mighty Name Amen Amen and Amen.

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