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Download All/Latest enock mbewe 2023

download mp3: enock mbewe - ameno mafupa

Download All/Latest enock mbewe 2023 Songs Mp3


Download All/Latest enock mbewe 2020 Songs Mp3

1. Wisula Umuntu:


1. ameno mafupa:



37 thoughts on “Download All/Latest enock mbewe 2023”

  1. Continue preaching enock you inspire me a lot may almighty God grant you more wisdom, God bless you

  2. My brother enock mbewe you are the only one who managed to change my life Kee on producing more songs.if it was that am staying near to you i would like to be producing gospel sogs together, what can i do to become as how u are?.Mr enock mbewe all your songs are spilitual more expesialy [nditandalileni tata] that song is explaining everything in my life may GOD Be with you all the time and subtract you from evill spilits AMEN.

  3. Your voice and wisdom it’s gift from GOD, your song it’s bring many of losted sherpherd closser to GOD, don’t give up, just continue, May GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR PRAISE TEAM.

  4. You are really an inspiration to Zambians and the World over.
    You songs/music is encouraging, motivating, uniting and soothing.
    Keep it burning and going as God Almighty continues to Bless you materially and spiritually.
    The sky is the limit.


    I love ❤️ Enock mbewe all the songs he has done ? is amazing continue my brother to do the good work in a kingdom of HOD

  6. Mr enock i really enjoy your music may God give you more and more years so that you can continue priching the word of God and protect your family

  7. Thanks very much may God bless you more and more continue with the same spirit my brother am happy for you please I like your music.

  8. I like your song keep it up may God bless you with many more happy years so that you continue blessing us with your song

  9. Kenneth samupi sakweswe

    Brother your songs are all special to my saul i love them continue with the same spirit and may our good Lord almighty guide you always

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