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Commanding The Supernatural (Part 2) Engaging The Anointing by Apostle Joshua Selman

Commanding The Supernatural (Part 2) The Dynamics of Faith

We must always come before God’s presence with passion and a genuine hunger for more of Him!

When God begins to help and honor you;
1). Beware of pride
2). Be aware of the love and commitment of God’s people to you as a trust
Pray: Father, give me an encounter tonight by Your Spirit that will change my life forever!
Many believers continue to live defeated lives because they do not know how faith works.
In engaging the anointing, faith plays an important role.
Faith does not work independently of the anointing. They work hand in hand to produce the supernatural. John 15:16 (KJV)
There is a kind of evangelism that only results can preach.
Miracles and testimonies are meant to be enjoyed but beyond that, they are proof of God’s love and power and a message of His sovereignty.
Results play a huge role in evangelism.
Results are Evangelists; they are testimonies that can preach to a territory. When results are not produced, a territory is prevented from hearing a message that can save them.
Three things captured in every testimony of God’s supernatural manifestation;
1). The message of God’s Love
2). God is dependable
3). God is almighty
In engaging the anointing, faith plays an important role. Psalm 92:10
The anointing is an authorization and empowerment from God to do supernatural things.
When it comes to studying the anointing, Jesus is our template.
To be Anointed means:
1). To legitimize an operation so that the earth no longer considers your operations illegal.
2). To be authorized and empowered to produce extraordinary results.
If your Christian experience is barren of results, Jesus will not be glorified.
The anointing is God’s ability at work in a human or material vessel to accomplish His purposes and produce extraordinary results.
It is impossible as a human being to produce certain kinds of results unaided by a spirit.
It takes the anointing to subdue the forces of darkness.
The only language satan understands is the language of power. The anointing addresses satan.

Why Do We Need The Anointing?

1). The anointing empowers the believer to subdue the forces of darkness fighting against our destiny and the advancement of the Kingdom (Psalm 66:3).
When satan is left unhindered, he steals, kills, and destroys everything good in your life. (John 10:10)
Satan is determined to make everything about God in your life die.
There are many battles that you are fighting today that are not about you, but about what will come out of you.
As a believer, you need the Anointing because there are wicked spirits to contend with.
If you ever see men excelling in spite of Satan, there is something empowering them.
Satan is not your friend; If there is anything to learn from satan, it’s his determination to attack and destroy.
One of the ways Satan moves is via patterns; Patterns are repetitive occurrences sponsored by altars that continually speak.
I decree and declare, any force that has refused to let you go, in the Name of Jesus Christ, it must let you go now!
2). To empower believers to manifest and tap into dimensions of supernatural possibilities, beyond the scope of human understanding. (Hebrews 11:1-3, Luke 1:30-36)
Everything natural also has a supernatural expression; Believers must learn to tap into the supernatural realm because it is unlimited.  Luke 1:34 Zechariah 4:6
There are certain results that only happen by the power of the Holy Spirit; It takes power to gain visibility and for your generation to hear you. (Zechariah 4:6, Micah 3:8, Luke 4:13-14) (Acts 8:5-6)
Four (4) Keys Responsible For Spiritual Empowerment:
1). Consecration and Intimacy with God. (1 John 2:15, Proverbs 23:26)
2). Honor to the word of God. Proverbs 23:26, John 1:3, Habkkuk 3:3-4
God hides His power in His Word; The Word of God gives credence to the manifestation of His power. If you do not live by the principles of the Kingdom, you will never access the anointing.

3).  Prayer with Fasting ( Luke 4:1-2;14-15, James 5:13-18)

The emphasis is the prayer and the fasting is the accompaniment.
4). Impartation; directly from God and the carriers of the anointing. (Mathew 25:9, I Kings 3:3-13)
Impartation is a system of transference of spiritual possibilities in Christ through the Holy Spirit to you. If you want to access the anointing, you need impartation.
Two (2) Principal Ways for Receiving Impartation;
a). Impartation directly from God (1 Kings 3:3-13)
b). Impartation from the carriers of the anointing (Matthew 25:9)
Conditions for Receiving Impartation from the Carriers of the Anointing:
1). Genuine connection/followership (2 Kings 2:1-15)
2). Honour; Honour is the key to access. It is discerning, celebrating, and rewarding the uniqueness of people. (Isaiah 9:8)
3). Service; This is a jackpot gateway into the anointing. (Numbers 11:6, Numbers 11:24-25, Numbers 27:18-20, Deuteronomy 34:9)
Every dimension of the anointing you need in your life, there are people that are embodiments of this anointing.
The performance of anointing comes to people who allow the anointing to rest on them.


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