6 gospel singers who recovered from Covid-19

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6 gospel singers who recovered from Covid-19

Brazil registered 10,772,549 million people cured of covid-19 since when the pandemic started in March last year.

Among those that have already recovered are several gospel singers and also religious leaders

The first gospel singer that contacted the new coronavirus in Brazil was Bárbara Amorim, from Renascer Praise. She and her husband had to do the quarantine at their home.

The second was singer Soraya Moraes who is married to a doctor, also recovered from isolation at home. Her husband, Marco Moraes, had to be admitted with oxygen support. Both are fine.

2020 end, singer Nani Azevedo went to the ICU and lived a great miracle. ”

Today I was discharged from the hospital after 9 days in the hospital, 6 days in the ICU. The church prayed and God responded by bringing me back to life. God and Faithful!”, He wrote on his social networks.

Other artists are Elaine Martins, Fernanda Brum, Cassiane, and Sandra Lima were also infected and managed to recover.

Sandra Lima will release in a few weeks the single

“He doesn’t give up on you”, a song by Marquinhos Gomes that made her believe that she would come out of her illness because of God’s promises. The song marked her life so much that she decided to re-record it to inspire other people to trust that God does not give up on theirs.

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