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15 Wrong Reasons For Getting Married

15 Wrong Reasons For Getting Married

MFM founder Dr. Daniel Olukoya shared a message some days ago on the 15 reasons why not to get married.

  1. You must not get married because of lust. (Marriage is a relationship, and it is not just something out of lust). 1 John 2:16 
  2. Infatuation: Love at first sight or sudden love. All those kind of sudden love always ends in disaster.
  3. Liking the idea of marriage.
  4. The fear of remaining unmarried (my friends are all married, my sisters are all married e.t.c)
  5. Pressure (parents, friends, etc)
  6. Because you want to escape being jilted (if he is the right man/woman, he or she won’t jilt you)
  7. Getting married for money (money doesn’t guarantee a successful marriage at all)
  8. Using marriage as an escape route (I am tired of daddy and mummy)
  9. Having Pity (Feeling sorry for a man or a woman)
  10. Foolish expectation (Marrying an unbeliever and expecting them to change in the course of marriage! especially if they don’t change before marrying them)
  11. Marrying for beauty or handsomeness
  12. Accidential pregancy (Just because you became pregnant along the line does not men you have to bury your destiny there)
  13. Tribal connection (I must marry someone from my town)
  14. To satisfy your parents
  15. Marrying to hurt your parent.
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  1. Rev, Godspower so Baakel

    I just to say thank you sir
    Your teachings has being a helpful
    God bless you sir

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