10 Best Kirk Franklin Songs Of All Time

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10 Best Kirk Franklin Songs Of All Time

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Kirk Dewayne Franklin is a top American Gospel Singer, musician, songwriter, and also an author. He is very known for singing contemporary urban-style gospel songs and he has been a leading figure in many gospel choirs like God’s property and One Nation Crew. His music career has surpassed more than 20 years and his songs have gained popularity and won him lot of awards.

Kirk Franklin has changed the gospel music industry. He has used an unprecedented mix of religious messages and sophisticated sounds to sing. That trend still continues to date. Without any doubt, he gave the Christian music.

For Kirk Franklin, the medium for producing music was irrelevant to him. What was more relevant was the message his songs were conveying to people. He has been creating and also directing heartfelt gospel music. His music also tells stories of people facing a different tragic situation in their lives. He gives them hope and lets them know a higher power is always around to help them out.

When Did Kirk Franklin Start Singing?

Kirk Franklin started singing at an early age. He has been directing the church choir and co-founded a gospel group which was called The Humble Hearts by age 20. In 1990, Franklin Led his choir at the gospel music workshop of America convention. Since then, he went ahead to form many other gospel groups and produced a lot of songs.

Franklin has collaborated with many Christian groups and musicians over the years. He has produced many solo albums and performed live shows to pass God’s message through music.

Best Kirk Franklin Songs Of All Time

10. Love Theory

One of his latest songs is titled “Love Theory” and it was released in 2019 as a praise track. It’s composition shows kirk still has some skills in writing music with good taste. He has not left his traditional roots of writing tracks that make you want to dance. It is a Christian/gospel song that combines secular instruments to make it easy for people to sing along.

Love Theory has already attracted over 2.9 million views on Youtube. That is 3 months after it was uploaded on the platform. It highlights just how much people love it and Kirk Franklin in particular.

Kirk Franklin - Love Theory (Official Music Video)

9. Declaration (This Is It)

This song became a hit after it was released and it peaked at number 13 on the Billboard Hot Adult R&B Airplay chart. And also ranked at number 35 on the Billboard Hot r&b hip-hop songs chart. Its best position was at number 1 on the Billboard Hot Gospel Songs Declaration (This is it) and it got a nomination for a dove award for urban recorded song of the year. Over 4.2 million people have watched the official music video.

Kirk Franklin - Declaration (This Is It!) (Video)

8. 123 Victory

123 Victory is the 3 single from Kirk Franklin’s studio album losing my religion. Kirk Franklin and Lawrence Parker wrote the hit single and released it in 2015. It is a Christian/gospel song that encourages people to wake up and go to victory. Christians should celebrate despite the challenges they are facing.

Kirk Franklin made a remix of the track in 2016. The remix came after the civil unrest and increased police shootings in America. 123 Victory won the soul train music award for best gospel/inspirational song. The video has more than 5.4 million views on youtube.

Kirk Franklin - 123 Victory (Audio)

7. My World Needs You

The song is the eleventh single from kirk franklin’s studio album losing my religion. He released it in 2015 and it featured the likes of Tasha Cobbs, Sarah Reeves, and Tamela Mann. People received the song positively praising it for being charismatic, powerful, and spirited. It also has a great concept and message that shows God’s mercy and love.

My World needs you is also one of those tunes that can uplift your spirit and awaken you.

My World Needs You 2017 Stellar Award Performance

6. Wanna Be Happy?

Wanna Be Happy is one of the many tracks that have won him many awards. The song itself won a Grammy award for best gospel performance. It also won the billboard music award for a top gospel song.

Kirk Franklin - Wanna Be Happy? (Official Music Video)

5. Revolution

Revolution is one of the best songs that was written by Kirk Franklin. It also one of the earliest hype Christian/gospel music used by him to pass God’s message. Christian love it because it forces them to dance intensely as they praise God.

Kirk Franklin - Revolution (Official Video)

4. Imagine Me

Imagine me by kirk franklin is the 7th single from his 3rd album titled Hero. Franklin released the tune in 205 as an R&B Soul and also Christian gospel music. The Track performed well on the charts.

Imagine Me Won the Grammy Award for the best gospel song in 2007. Kirk Franklin won the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Gospel Artist. With over 38 million people watching the video.

Kirk Franklin - Imagine Me (Radio Edit)

3. My Life Is In Your Hands

My life is in your hands is a gospel track that was sang by kirk franklin and the gospel choir called “God’s Property”. The song was released in 1997 as part of God’s property from his album Nu Nation Album. The worship song is one of the most popular songs even sang by Kirk and co.

My life is in your hands - Kirk Franklin

2. Lean On Me

Lean on Me is the first single released by Kirk Franklin in 1998. It comes from the nu nation project and features the likes of Bono, Mary J Blige, R. Kelly, and Crystal Lewis.

Kirk Franklin - Lean On Me (Official Video)

1. I Smile

One of top kirk franklin songs of all time is I Smile. He released the song as a contemporary gospel music genre. The track is part of his 12th studio album titled “Hello Fear”

Kirk Franklin - I Smile (Video)

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